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In 2014, five friends travelled to Copenhagen, a city known for its sustainable practices and rewarding pro-environmental behavior. Having fallen in love with this lifestyle, Erwan Le Méné and his team were inspired to act on their own ambitions and, just like that, EcoTree was born!

Using a digital platform, companies can plant trees in the knowledge that they can reap the returns in the future, thus encouraging reforestation and biodiversity conservation. To date, the Brittany-based startup has planted an impressive 212,223 trees, absorbing 2,540,271kg of CO2.

With the aim of raising €2 million to establish itself across other markets, EcoTree attended VivaTech 2019 with BNP Paribas. It was here that they met American multinational technology conglomerate, Cisco, to whom they sold several hundred trees. Although the startup had accumulated over 250 contacts with French companies, such as Orange and SNCF, this was the first contract signed with an American company, marking a huge step in the company’s development and a great VivaStory!

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For the first edition of the next Europe Unicorn Awards, VivaTech searched the whole continent to find the most promising European scaleups tipped to become Europe's next unicorns. Alongside with VC partner Accel as well as media partners Les Echos and the Wall Street Journal, these partnerships allowed us to showcase Europe’s solid potential for scaleups, with 30 European scaleups having been selected as finalists at VivaTech. The Award had 1 overall Grand Prize as well as 6 category winners.

The 2019 Grand Prize was won by French scaleup OpenClassrooms for traction potential, impact and leadership.

Find out more about the winners here:

For this first edition of the Next European Unicorn Awards, VivaTech released a Top 30 of the European scaleups landscape including 5 categories:

  • BtoB Small Business
  • BtoB Enterprise
  • BtoC
  • Deep Tech
  • Tech 4 Good

Among those 30 scaleups, 6 of them won category awards expressing the opinion that VivaTech believes in their high potential to qualify as future unicorns in a short period of time.

  • Payfit, the tool to allow small and medium enterprises to pay their employees, won the BtoB Small Business Award.
  • Snyk, a network security company that helps developers use open source code and stay secure, won the BtoB Entreprise Award.
  • Vinted, the internet website and social app marketplace for pre-loved fashion, won the BtoC Award.
  • Algolia, the search API that helps product builders create lightning-fast, highly relevant search to connect their users with what matters won
  • the Deep Tech Award.
  • Olio, a solution that helps curating the best of what a city has to offer through machine learning algorithms and OpenClassrooms, the platform of online courses won the Tech 4 Good Awards ex aecquo. Among those category winners, OpenClassRooms received the Grand Prize.


The French startup Bird Office, founded in 2013, is a platform to hire meeting, training and seminar rooms that allows companies to find the ideal venue for their business events. Following Bird Office's presence on BNP Paribas' Lab at VivaTech in 2017, the collaboration gave BNP Paribas' customers, access to rooms for their professional events at preferential rates in ten branches in the Ile de France region.

In 2018, BNP Paribas invited Bird Office to its Lab at VivaTech, this time as an official partner. In that year, the group became an investor in Bird Office. BNP Paribas Développement's venture arm invested in the startup's €5 million second round of financing alongside Raise Venture and CapHorn Invest. For Arnaud Katz, Co-founder and CEO of Bird Office, "VivaTech's strength is that it brings a lot of executives to the same place."

A Startup to Help Coworkers Start Working


Coworkies takes their jobs platform from Berlin to the world – with two essential stops at VivaTech along the way.Coworkies is a global bulletin board for jobs in coworking spaces. If you’re looking to work for a coworking space or for a company housed in a coworking space, the Coworkies platform is for you. And…

Insects Appeal


Building a business from the ground up, with a boost from VivaTechJimini's is a six-year-old French company that develops and distributes ready-to-eat insects and cricket-flour energy bars. The insects are farmed in the Netherlands, according to the company's website: "Grasshoppers, crickets and mealworms are dehydrated and then delicately processed and seasoned in Jimini's workshop near…

Who Knew What Unu Could Do?


VivaTech helps an electric scooter startup plug into the French marketUnu is a German startup founded in 2013 by three young entrepreneurs, Elias Atahi, Pascal Blum und Mathieu Caudal. A year later the company released its first product in Germany – a game-changing electric scooter with a portable battery you can charge whenever and wherever.…

Counting Your Blessings – On Social Media


An Israeli startup called Boon.Today enables social media users to make a positive impact by eyeballing branded video contentWe can blame social media for all kinds of societal ills, from cyberbullying to the propagation of unsavoury political views. Still, as much as this nasty rep may be warranted, a startup has arrived that believes in…

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