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Get the most out of your VIVATECH experience with a personalized tour of the show floor, led by HUB Institute experts.  

 Why should you join ?

Why should you join ?

Floor Tours are designed to help C-level executives, marketers, brand managers, innovation leaders & technologists identify the key innovations shaping their industry.


 A personalized & enriched experience of VivaTech on site

A personalized & enriched experience of VivaTech on site

-2h Guided personalized visit by an HUB Institute experts

-15 attendees

-Complete access to Viva Technology & "best-of startup" report

 Maximize Your Experience at VIVATECH!

Maximize Your Experience at VIVATECH!

-Identify the latest key innovations shaping your industry.

-Understand the new business challenges of your industry with the analysis of HUB Institute experts.

-Meet potential corporation partners to develop a co-innovation strategy.

-Industry experts will guide you through thoughtfully curated startups featuring the most innovative technologies & services !


Want to set up a personalized tour for your team, clients or partners ? 

Fill in the contact form to get more information about the customized "Explorer Tours"


VIVATECH Explorer Tour by HUB Institute

What do I get ?

  • Before
    Definition of your needs Identification of key startups that you should meet
  • During
    Personalized 2 hours Executive Tour led by HUB Institute
  • After
    Report focusing on key Takeaways & best startups met during the Executive Tour

Some of the delegations we have led in the previous editions