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A Tech Leaders Guide to VivaTech

Posted at: 04.29.2024in category:Practical Guides
Are you a CTO, CISO, CDO, or similar? Check out the dedicated program for Tech leaders at VivaTech. Network with startups, major corporations, and fellow executives to accelerate business.

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VivaTech is a gateway to a thriving business ecosystem and this year, we’ve built programs to match C-levels’ operational business needs. The Exec Avenue in Hall 2 will host a 3-day Tech Leaders Program, sponsored by Wavestone and Tech.Rocks and dedicated to tech leaders like you. If you’re a CTO, CISO, CDO, or similar, you’ll have direct access to the full program with your VivaTech pass.

So, what’s on the agenda?

Exec Arena

The world’s top Tech Leaders converge and converse to explore the most innovative products in the sector through business-oriented masterclasses, designed by and for experts. Through three business-oriented tracks, tech leaders will share their experiences with peers in 30-minute sessions.

Cybersecurity & Resilience

An essential strategy for any company faced with growing digital threats, cyber-resilience is no longer just a matter of technical governance, but of corporate governance. Find out how an integrated approach to cyber resilience can strengthen your company's protection and ensure your business continuity in the event of an attack.

Top speakers include:

Gerome Billois, Partner at Wavestone, has over 20 years experience in risk management and cybersecurity.

Rajat Taneja, President of Technology for Visa Inc., is responsible for the company's technology innovation and investment strategy, product engineering, global IT and operations infrastructure.

Catch this track on Wednesday, May 22, from 2-5:30 PM in the Exec Arena.

Platforms & Products

In this era of platformization, the challenges of APIsation have become an integral part of your business and corporate strategies. Stimulating innovation and growth, platformization disrupts existing business models, right down to the partner ecosystem. Simplifying processes and boosting collaboration, platformization optimizes operational efficiency. By adopting open platforms, companies can position themselves in new markets by offering new services to their customers.

Top speakers include:

Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, where he is responsible for driving the company's customer-centric technology vision.

Annika Hauptvogel, Head of Technology & Innovation Management at Siemens, is responsible for tech strategy, new innovation methods and approaches, and technical regulation, standardization, and quality management.

Vitali Margolin, R&D Director at, an OS, low code- no code platform that democratizes the power of software.

Catch this track on Thursday, May 23, from 2-5:30 PM in the Exec Arena.

Data, Cloud & AI

AI and the Cloud are the two major pillars shaping companies' digital strategies today. AI, which has become indispensable in innovation strategies, relies on the Cloud for its scalable infrastructure and massive data processing capabilities. This synergy between AI and the Cloud enables companies to modernize their operations, increase their agility and remain competitive in a constantly evolving market.

Top speakers include:

Sophie Proust, Executive Head of the Digital Program Agency - Algorithms, software and use at INRIA, a world-leading research and technological institute in France.

Joe Atkinson, Vice Chair, US Chief Products and Technology Officer at PwC, is responsible for leading the firm through the next wave of digital transformation.

Nassima Auvray, Chief Trust Officer at Orange, is responsible for federating security, privacy, regulatory, and ethical initiatives for Orange Business.

Catch this track on Friday, May 24, from 10 AM - 12:30 PM in the Exec Arena.

3 people netoworking at a table Networking lounge at VivaTech. Photo credit: VivaTech

Tech Leaders Lounge

Within the Exec Avenue, Tech Leaders can relax, recharge, and connect at the Tech Leaders Lounge, sponsored by Wavestone. Join in conversation, fuel up during scheduled breaks, and explore sponsorship opportunities to elevate your business in one dedicated lounge. It's more than just a lounge—it will be your headquarters for networking, collaboration, and inspiration at VivaTech.

Connection Hub

In partnership with the Hub Institute, the Connection Hub offers the perfect environment for engaging one-on-one discussions with startups. This is where tech leaders and decision-makers meet with 150 hand-selected startups for impactful meetings and to find tech solutions forged by startups. These concrete solutions can answer tech leaders' immediate challenges.

Tech Trails

Ready to explore the rest of VivaTech but not sure where to start? Tech Trails, available on the VivaTech website and app, will guide you and offer a selection of the best startups and innovations at VivaTech, as well as all the conference sessions on VivaTech’s main stages that you won't want to miss.

Discover the Tech Leaders Tech Trail and explore the exhibitors driving technological innovation, shaping digital strategies, and leading organizations through rapid advancements in emerging technologies. All startups mentioned in a tech trail have been handpicked by the VivaTech team to bring you the best solutions in each sector.

Time to Tech On VivaTech

Discover the best of VivaTech for Tech Leaders this year. Get inspired with expert tech sessions, meet stunning startups matching your specific needs, and make the most of peer-to-peer discussions.

Haven’t booked your pass to VivaTech 2024 yet? Head this way to take advantage of this dedicated program just for tech leaders like you!

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