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VivaTech testimonials

  • 77 %
    C-level executives
  • 25 %
    of annual leads generated during event
  • 36 000+
  • 3 300

Success stories

  • Microsoft

    Tech Solutions | Partnerships | Tech4Good

    “Everyone who finds themselves at VivaTech is passionate about facing the challenge of innovation for the common good. We share the same objectives and are committed to supporting organizations, no matter their size, in their digital transformation, by developing - directly or indirectly with our partners - exemplary solutions.” - Carlo Purassanta, CEO Microsoft France

  • Skyboy

    Lead Gen

    “In a commercial way, VivaTech is really important for us. 25% of our business in 2018 and in 2019 comes from leads we made at VivaTech.” François-Xavier Goemaere, Co-Founder, Skyboy


    ⇒Won Klépierre Pitch Contest in 2018

    ⇒Was hosted on TF1 Lab at VivaTech 2019

    ⇒25% of yearly business acquired via VivaTech leads

  • LVMH

    Open Innovation | Meaningful Connections | Business Solutions

    “Our participation at VivaTech boosts the ecosystem of startups that work with us, especially because of the LVMH Innovation Award which allows us to detect and select the most innovative startups in terms of customer experience, which is right at the heart of the group’s approach.” - Hélène Freyss, Communication Director, LVMH

  • Soundhound

    VCs, Funding and Recruitment

    “We met investors at VivaTech and we actually closed some investments from them.” Keyvan Mohajer, CEO & Co-Founder, Soundhound


    ⇒Closed $100,000,000 of funding from strategic investors

    ⇒Funding participation from Orange, Mercedes Benz, Hyundai Motor, Tencent and Midea from China

    ⇒Recruited at VivaTech and company has grown 50% with new office in Paris

  • Renault

    Visibility | Launch | Tech Transformation

    “We come to VivaTech because we were a startup once upon a time - over 122 years ago! But also because we are in the middle of a huge transformation from car maker to tech maker. Yet VivaTech is more than just a place for startups to meet up - it is a launch platform too. We launched a small inexpensive electric car for everyone here. We launched Mobilize here. And in the future we will continue to use it as an event for revealing our new innovations.” - Arnaud Belloni - Marketing Director, Renault

  • LinkaBand and Accor

    Meaningful connections, Recruitment, Contract signed

    “We went to VivaTech in hopes of finding new types of clients,” Martin Zdrzalik, Co-Founder of Linkaband, “and Accor was key.”


    ⇒80 clients acquired in Accor group

    ⇒2 people met at VivaTech have joined advisory board

    ⇒Top-level contacts made with AirBnb, OneFineStay & retail sector.

    ⇒Linkaband is discussing a major partnership with one of the key AccorHotels brands for 2020.

    ⇒Thanks to the ibis Music challenge won in France, Linkaband will organize at least 355 concerts in 2020 in Ibis hotels.