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VivaTech's Hall 2: Explore Business & Make Connections

Posted at: 05.17.2024in category:Practical Guides
Step into the heart of VivaTech's Hall 2, where business meets innovation. Check out the spaces designed to get business done for startups, attendees, investors, and C-Levels.

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At VivaTech, let’s start a journey of innovation and connection in our Hall 2. Discover insightful talks on AI revolutionizing industries, unravel the secrets of entrepreneurial decision-making, and more!

Engage in tailored masterclasses at the Exec Arena and build relationships at the Connection Hub with top CMOs and Tech Leaders. Networking will be plentiful, with exclusive lounges fostering collaboration and creativity.

Let’s discover what Hall 2 will offer at VivaTech this year!

Stage 4

Stage 4 serves as the hub where both startup founders and attendees gain valuable insights into business strategies during Startup Thursday, along with receiving guidance in sessions covering topics such as Internet & Democracy, Resilient Systems, and Future Societies. Here, we spotlight some of our top picks from these sessions:

Preparing Your Company for the AI Revolution

During this session, we'll delve into the impact of AI on diverse sectors such as banking, energy, and healthcare, focusing on its role in enhancing efficiency amidst changing environments. We’ll explore practical applications, successful AI adoption strategies, and methods for cultivating the expertise and mindset required to leverage this technology effectively. Catch this session on 22 May at 1:15 PM- 2:00 PM - Paris Time on Stage 4

In the Mind of an Entrepreneur: How Do Leaders Make Decisions?

Can we educate our minds to have breakthrough moments? Is entrepreneurship an innate or taught skill? In this engaging class guided by Dr. Steven Laureys and Frederic Mazzella, they explore the secrets of the mind and learn the essential skills required for this journey. Catch this session on 23 May at 3:40 PM- 4:15 PM on Stage 4

Green Transition: How Can Big Players Make a Difference?

Human error is responsible for 95% of cybersecurity breaches. Addressing issues with coworkers becomes essential in tackling this major threat, even when security measures are robust. It is important to ensure that upper management is informed about cyber concerns and to foster a workplace environment where cybersecurity is prioritized beyond mere awareness. Catch this session on 24 May at 2:35 PM- 3:20 PM on Stage 4

Exec Arena

VivaTech has developed specialized programs tailored to address the operational business requirements of C-level executives, ensuring alignment with their strategic goals and objectives. Top CMOs and Tech leaders from around the globe gather for tailored masterclasses crafted by professionals, delving into the latest market innovations. These executives will exchange insights with peers through 30-minute sessions across three business-oriented tracks.

Connection Hub

The Connection Hub provides an ideal setting for in-depth conversations with companies. One hundred and fifty carefully chosen entrepreneurs were selected to meet with CMO and Tech Leader professionals to discover outstanding innovations and make connections. These scheduled encounters are designed to connect C-level executives with the particular answers they are looking for.

3 people in a lounge Networking in the exec lounges at VivaTech. Photo credit: VivaTech


Find your chill zone. In Hall 2, we’ve built the CMO, Tech Leader, and Founder Lounges. These zones are where leaders connect, fostering collaboration and innovation in private spaces.

CMO Lounge

CMOs have the unique opportunity to network with colleagues and investigate sponsorship alternatives to enhance their brand visibility. It’s a hub for promoting teamwork, sparking creativity, and creating relationships between marketing executives.

Tech Leaders Lounge

Tech Leaders can relax, refuel, and network at the Tech Leaders Lounge at Exec Avenue, sponsored by Wavestone. In one exclusive lounge, have conversations, recharge during set breaks, and meet with fellow tech leaders that are changing the tech scene of their companies.

Founder Lounge

For the first year at VivaTech a Founders Lounge will debut in Hall 2, where startup founders can gather in a dedicated space to collaborate and participate in engaging discussions led by seasoned entrepreneurs. This exclusive lounge is designed to provide an inspiring environment for founders and startup CEOs to expand their networks and exchange valuable insights.

Viva Experience by FNAC

Step into the FNAC's cultural lounge at VivaTech and immerse yourself in a world of inspiration. At this stand, attendees can relax in a chill zone and check out tech books by authors like Harlen Coben, who will be signing books! You can also see tech demos from partners like Microsoft and Meta.

Come Check out Hall 2

Discover the bustling heart of VivaTech in Hall 2. Engage in insightful talks, specialized masterclasses, and networking opportunities designed for startups, investors, and C-level executives. Check out also the exclusive lounges for CMOs, Tech Leaders, and Founders, alongside the FNAC's cultural lounge for relaxation and inspiration.

Want to know what else is in store for you in Hall 2? Explore the exhibitors that will be in Hall 2 at VivaTech this year. And don’t forget that there is a second entrance to Hall 2, which can help you skip the lines outside the main entrance of VivaTech.

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