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2023 Presskit

  • Editorial

    Editorial VivaTech: In tech we trust!

  • Key figures and what's new in 2023

    Among the new features for 2023, more international business, more innovations, a focus on FemTech and a Hall dedicated to the Future of Sports.

  • 4 big topics 2023

    VivaTech brings many strong trends to the heart of tech news during the four days of the event. Among them are four major themes this year: AI, ClimateTech & Energy, Diversity&Inclusion and the Future of Sports.

  • Inspiring Top Speakers

    At VivaTech 2023, you will meet with those who invent tomorrow.

  • Awards at VivaTech

    In 2023, VivaTech features six awards to recognize the best initiatives and innovations.

  • Tech to watch: AI

    AI raises many questions, whether in terms of regulation, ethics or environmental impact.

  • Climate Tech & Energy

    At the heart of the debates and of all the concerns is the subject of ecology. A collective awareness that pushes us to reduce our emissions, rethink our economic models and turn the tide thanks to clean energy.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    VivaTech has been committed to making Tech more inclusive from the start, launching several initiatives.

  • Future of Sports

    VivaTech in 2023 is a place dedicated to the positive transformation of sport.

  • Strenghtening the international ecosystem

    VivaTech creates ever more bridges between the world's tech ecosystems.

  • General Public Day

    Future for all: traditionally and because new technologies transform the daily life of each of us, the Saturday at Viva Tech is open to the general public.

  • Practical Information