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2024 Presskit

  • Editorial

    Editorial VivaTech: In Tech we trust!

  • Key Figures and New Features

    Among the new features for 2024, more international business, 25 industrial sectors, a focus on AI, a focus on Sustainable and impact tech and 4 innovation parks.

  • Three Main Themes in 2024

    We are entering an era of digital maturity that requires us to combine the values of sharing and exchange with the business issues and technological challenges of the 21st century. Traditional methods are no longer enough.
    In this new era, VivaTech is there to offer a stimulating overview of industry and tech. This year, three major themes are in the spotlight.

  • Awards & Challenges

    In 2024, VivaTech features four awards to recognize the best initiatives and innovations.

  • An Outstanding Lineup of Speakers

    At VivaTech 2024, you will meet with those who invent tomorrow.

  • AI Shift

    Artificial intelligence is the technology that heralds an imminent and profound change in society. Moving very quickly from the status of a DeepTech to that of an essential tool, it is revolutionizing every sector, from energy to industry, all the way to healthcare, cybersecurity and the arts.

  • Sustainable Tech

    VivaTech is convinced that sustainable tech is emerging as an innovative solution to today's environmental challenges, covering a wide range such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable agriculture, waste management and environmental monitoring.

  • The Pulse of Mobility

    Mobility, at the heart of fundamental climate challenges and a perfect example of how tech, and AI in particular, can help to make a market more virtuous in terms of climate impact.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    With its partners, as well as associations and Tech for Good initiatives, VivaTech has for several years been developing activities dedicated to two priority groups: young people, who need to see the tech and coding professions as accelerators of economic inclusion, and women, who need to be better represented in entrepreneurship and careers in technology.

  • Public Day: Gaming & Esports in the spotlight

    The final day of VivaTech, Saturday, is open to the general public. Because new technologies are transforming our everyday lives, students, tech and digital innovators, tomorrow's talent, families and the curious are all invited to take part in a day specially designed for them.
    For the first time this year, VivaTech will be celebrating the world's biggest entertainment industry: Gaming and Esport.

  • Practical Information