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2022 Presskit

  • VivaTech, an unmissable business destination

    Editorial and key figures 

  • New in 2022

    Among the new features in 2022, more business, even more international, and a stronger CSR approach. 

  • Six major themes for 2022 in the spotlight

    VivaTech brings many strong trends to the heart of tech news during the four days of the event. Among them are six major themes this year: Race to net zero emissions, Mobility rebound, Future of work, Inclusion is a mindset, Tech on the edge: Web3, Europe's digital decade.

  • Awards at VivaTech 2022

    This year, VivaTech features five major awards to recognize the best initiatives and innovations.

  • Inspiring Top Speakers

  • The Race To Net Zero Emissions

    At the heart of the debates and of all the concerns is the subject of ecology. A collective awareness that pushes us to reduce our emissions, rethink our economic models and turn the tide thanks to clean energy.

  • Mobility Rebound

    Mobility patterns have since changed massively, but have by no means reduced the problem: Road transport accounts for about 12.5% of man-made greenhouse gases, making it the largest sector in terms of emissions, according to WRI. Yet Tech has ways to contribute.

  • Future of Work

    The pandemic has changed the way we work and, for better or worse, there is no going back. One of the biggest challenges for tech companies in Europe remains, according to the Atomico report, the need for talent, with 21% of responses. 29% of startup founders have made this their primary concern.

  • Inclusion is a Mindset

    VivaTech has been committed to making Tech more inclusive from the start, launching several initiatives.

  • WEB3 and Metaverse

    Every year, Viva Technology puts a spotlight on the latest technologies to follow. This year, among all the technologies discussed, a particular interest will be focused on the decoding of Web3, the real potential of the next years.

  • European Scaleups

    The European startup scene is bubbling and creative. Last year, Europe attracted a record amount of investment. The number of new European unicorns has been multiplied by 3.5 in 2021, and this is not the end.

  • General Public Day

    Traditionally and because new technologies transform the daily life of each of us, the Saturday at Viva Tech is open to the general public.

  • Informations