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2023 Conference Tracks

  • Future of Sport
    The sport industry is transforming, faced with major cultural, tech and environmental shifts. Innovation and technology are creating major opportunities for change, from heightening athlete performance & well being to augmenting fan experience, and improving diversity and the overall environment impact of major sporting events.
  • Creator’s Economy, Gaming & Metaverse
    - Who wants to spend time in the metaverse? - What role does technology play in storytelling? - And how are decentralized web models shaping a new kind of creator’s economy? Discover the latest trends shaping the creator’s economy.
  • Cybersecurity
    Increasingly digital and connected, the technological solutions we use every day are also creating new vulnerabilities. - How can we fight cybercrime? - What is the role of quantum computing in making our systems safe? - And does privacy still exist?
  • Scaling Up
    - What does scaling up look like in the context of a global economic downturn? - Is bootstrapping the new M.O.? - Have we reached the end of the unicorn era? How can we prioritize responsible investing? Together with startup and scaleup founders, investors, and experts from around the world, we explore the trends, opportunities and markets to watch.
  • AI
    - How big of an impact does AI have in our daily lives? - What makes an algorithm (un)ethical and who gets to decide? - Can AI be creative? We explore multiple facets of a technology underpinning many of the services we use today.
  • Building Future Societies
    - Can education technology foster environmental awareness? - How can we eliminate algorithmic biases? - How can technology help us make our workplaces more efficient and mindful? We look at the role technology plays in helping us build different areas of the social tissue, from education to work.
  • Web3
    Ongoing macroeconomic challenges, scams, and speculation are impacting the Web3 and blockchain markets: crypto assets have severely decreased in value, fundraising is down, and fiascos like that of FTX have led to serious mistrust of these new technologies. - Is regulation the solution? - Will we find useful decentralized applications of cryptocurrencies? - More generally, how can we identify value in Web3?
  • DeepTech
    - Ever since we put a man on the moon, how far has our exploration of space advanced? - How is medicine evolving to tackle illness more efficiently? - How and when will computers make a quantum leap in computing power? In this block, we explore how deeptech is shaping our future.
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Energy & Climate Tech
    From unlocking the power of nuclear fission to finding new solutions to capture greenhouse gasses, we look at the technologies helping us live more sustainably.
  • FoodTech
    As we search for healthier and more sustainable ways to live, the way we produce, distribute and consume food has major implications. We look at the technological advances transforming the food industry.

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