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Innovation Knows No Borders

Posted at: 11.29.2023in category:International
The VivaTech community of attendees, startups, speakers, and partners come from 174 different countries. What happens when this melting pot of cultures converges to talk about tech?

delfi-de-la-rua-vfzfavUZmfc-unsplash.jpg Map with push pins. Photo credit: Delfi de la rua. Unsplash

In the world of technology, innovation knows no borders. Startups are growing in every corner of the globe, but they often face unique challenges and barriers that hinder the full realization of their potential.

VivaTech deconstructs these barriers, by building bridges between ecosystems all over the world.


HD Rain Satellite. Photo credit: HD Rain

Opening Up In Asia

In the realm of international business, startups encounter unique hurdles related to market entry, understanding diverse consumer behaviors, and navigating regulatory landscapes that vary from one country to another.

Huawei France is helping French startups tackle these international hurdles for the Asian market with their Digital InPulse program. 2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of this program that offers winning startups a learning expedition to Southern China,a spot to exhibit at VivaTech, and supports their international development.

Check out the VivaStory of alum HD Rain who participated in the 2019 Digital InPulse program and signed their first contract right after the event.

vt23-s1-d2-17-25-africatech-awards_063_NM.jpg Jean Lobe Lobe, CEO of Waspito accepting the HealthTech award at VivaTech 2023. Photo credit: VivaTech

Finding Funding in Africa

Even with increasing interest from investors, African entrepreneurs often find it difficult to secure the funding needed to expand. Through initiatives like the AfricaTech Awards, VivaTech and the IFC aim to create new opportunities for tech companies that are having a transformational impact across Africa and help them gain visibility among global investors.

One of this year’s winners has already closed a new funding round. 2023 winner of the Healthtech award, Waspito, raised an additional .5 million this fall, extending its seed round to .2 million.

Last year’s winner of the Climate Tech award, WEEE Center, was able to set up six new centers across the country to act as pre-processing centers for electronic waste collection in Kenya.


Boston Dynamics robot in the Paris underground. Photo credit: Intuitive Robots

Promoting Partnerships in the US

The United States remains the leading country for startup output in 2023. With enormous amounts of competition locally, American startups often choose to find international partnerships and research market potential abroad. Europe is one of the first expansion routes they explore.

In return, European businesses profit from proven innovative solutions from these startups. For example, this partnership between Boston Dynamics and Paris’ transport operator RATP that blossomed after their meeting at VivaTech 2021. The startup’s mechanical robot is able to inspect underground galleries, which are quite difficult to access and dangerous for RATP employees.

A Borderless Tech Ecosystem

The notion that innovation knows no borders is a testament to the potential that arises when startups and businesses collaborate on a global scale, using their collective creativity to shape the future.

We can’t wait to see what new bridges will be built at next year’s VivaTech in May.

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