Viva Technology Paris 2019 - B2B Entrance Passes
Standard terms and conditions of online sale for Business

The sale of business entrance Passes on this site is handled by Mediactive Events - Groupe Mediactive – 3-4-10, cité Paradis, 75010 Paris - Tel. + 33 (0)1 55 28 80 60 which was enlisted to do so by Les Echos Solution SAS, whose registered office is at 10 boulevard de Grenelle 75015 PARIS, and MSL France, whose registered office is at 5-7-9, rue Feydeau – 75002 Paris, organisers of VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2019, hereinafter referred to as "the Organiser". Les Echos Solutions and MSL France are also the publisher of the website

1. Purpose

1.1. The purpose of these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale is to set forth the terms and conditions applicable to the reservation and purchase of business entrance Passes for the Viva Technology event taking place from Thursday 16 May 2019 to Saturday 18 May 2019 at the Parc des Expositions exhibition center - Porte de Versailles, hereafter “the Services”

1.2. These Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale constitute the whole of the single agreement between the parties, and supersede any prior agreement(s) concerning the same subjects as those dealt with in this agreement.

2. Acceptance and modification of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

2.1.Registration on the website and the acquisition of a business entrance pass implies prior acceptance of the version of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale in force by the user participating in the Event, and places them under an obligation to strictly comply with the said terms. A user who acquires an entrance Pass to the Event is hereinafter referred to as "the Participant". The Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale and any new version thereof are accessible at

2.2. The Organiser reserves the right to modify the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time, no recourse being available to Participants in this case.

2.3. These modifications will be binding on the Participant as soon as they are published online. In consequence, it is incumbent on the Participant to regularly consult the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale, which are permanently available on the site. Any use of the Services after modification of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale equates to tacit acceptance by the user of the most recent version of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale in force.

3. Dates and location of the Event

3.1. The various conferences, workshops and events are being proposed in the context of Viva Technology 2019 event, which will commence on Thursday May 16 2019 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Friday May 17 from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and end on Saturday May 18, 2019 from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

3.2. Viva Technology 2019 will take place in Paris, at the Parc des Expositions exhibition center, Porte de Versailles, Hall 1 & Hall 2.

4. Access to the Event and the workshops and sessions on offer

4.1. The acquisition of a business entrance Pass by the Participant gives them access to all the conferences or workshops organised throughout the duration of the Event on the dates mentioned in Article 3.1 and is concerning "professional Participants". Access to the conferences and workshops is in principle free except in cases where access is limited with specific conditions or where access is limited to persons with a personal invitation. As the case may be additional optional services offered by the Organiser shall be invoiced to the Participant if such optional services are selected by the Participant.

4.2. The titles of sessions , workshops or events may be changed up until the day of the Event. In the event of modification of the description of conferences, workshops or events, the Organisers will publish if needed the new description for each workshop, conference or event that has been changed on the website.

4.3. Access to session rooms, workshops, and events will be possible within the limit of the places available. The Organiser cannot under any circumstances guarantee participants that they will be able to have access to their chosen sessions, workshops and events. The Organiser advises participants to go to the room or place of the conference in advance before the time indicated on the schedule.

4.4. Due to the professional purpose of some exhibition halls (ie. press, speakers rooms, exhibitors, VIP lounges) the Participant is informed and accepts that access to these halls is not allowed for public entrance.

5. Prices of Passes sold online

The business entrance Passes will also be sold on location during the exhibition Viva Technology.

All orders on this website are payable solely in euros. The Organiser has entrusted Mediactive Events, a company belonging to the Mediactive group, with the task of securely processing online payments proposed on this website. Participants are invited to comply with the transaction procedure proposed to them, it being specified that orders will be confirmed and binding on the Organiser once the Participant receives a receipt by email confirming that the order has been validated.

5.1. Prices

The acquisition online of entrance Passes is available only on this official website. No other website publisher is appointed to sell entrance Passes whatever the kind of these entrance passes. The Organisers shall not be liable if participants are unable to access to Viva Technology due to the acquisition of entrance passes by a parallel and a non-appointed online retailer. In the same way, the organiser will not be liable in the case of a purchase from resellers on the fly.

Passes sold online to professionals (Startups, Executives, Investors, Group) will give access to Viva Technology for the three days of the Event's duration.

Participants are always invited to check on our website whether prior registration by name is required in order to be able to attend certain workshops or conferences.

Participants are consequently invited to keep their entrance Pass counterfoil or to re-print their entrance Pass if they plan to attend the Event on more than one day. In the prices schedule below, Group acquisition procedure (Group Offer) shall be subject to specific conditions presented in article 5.3.

5.2. Pass categories

"Startup" category: shall mean a business that has fewer than 200 employees and that has been created less than 8 years ago.

"Executive" category: shall mean any commercial or non-commercial company, institution, authority or organisation governed by public or private law which does not fall into either the "Startup" or the "Investor" category.

“Investor”: shall mean a legal entity whose company purpose is primarily capital investment in enterprises.

At any time the Organiser shall propose promotional prices and/or offers for a definite period. Asthe case may be conditions and period of validity of such promotional prices and/or offers will be subject to a specific advertising on the official website of Viva Technology.

The invoice corresponding to their purchase will be issued to professional Participants. Participants may download their invoice from the link included in the email of confirmation that will be sent to them at the end of the acquisition process.

5.3. Group Offer

The user may buy a volume of codes giving access to Executive passes for a reduced price as displayed on article 5.1. The group offer is only available online on

On the Group Offer buying funnel, the User may select from 3 to 19 codes for Executive Passes to buy. The price reduction depends on the number of codes the user wants to generate. The user will then enter their payment information. Once the order has been accepted, the user will be able to access their invoice and list of Promotional codes on the confirmation page and on the confirmation email.

The user may then distribute the codes to their coworkers or clients that will be able to register to Viva Technology 2019 by filling in the code on the “Promotional code” field at this address: Once they have registered online, they will receive their VivaTech pass by email. They must present their Pass to enter VivaTech. No code or invitation by email may be sufficient to enter the venue.

If a code has been shared to the wrong person by the Buyer, Viva Technology will not be able to send a new code.

Each code purchased is valid for only one Executive Pass.

Codes cannot be refunded once they have been purchased.

Codes are valid until May 18 2019.

6. Cancellation or reimbursement

6.1. No right to withdraw

The sale of business entrance Passes to Participant will not give the latter any right to withdraw from their purchase. The sale will therefore be definitive as from the time of payment of the price. Distance selling of entrance Pass to the Event via the website opened by the Organiser will not give purchasers any right to withdraw from their purchase. The sale of business entrance Pass will therefore be firm and definitive once the purchase has been validated by the Participant and confirmed by the Organiser, and no reimbursement or exchange will be possible if the Participant is unable to attend the Event.

6.2. Business entrance Passes shall not be sold or transferred to third parties by the Participant and are personal.

6.3. Postponement of the Event by the Organiser

If the Event is postponed by the Organiser, the cost of the business entrance Passes will not be reimbursed but the Pass will remain valid for the new date set for the Event. Participants are therefore requested to keep their proof of purchase and/or entrance Pass.

7. Force majeure

The Organiser will not be bound by these Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale in the event of an occurrence in the nature of force majeure, understood as consisting of circumstances that prevent the performance of any obligation whatsoever incumbent on one of the parties and that cannot be attributed to it because they do not stem from fault on the part of the party in question, and cannot be attributed to it by virtue of the law, a judicial deed or generally admitted standards.

In consequence, any event or circumstance that prevents access to the event between Thursday May 16th 2019 and May 18th 2019 inclusive, such as adverse weather conditions, strikes, rioting, terrorism and the implementation of government measures associated, for example, with the Vigipirate plan, (France's national security alert system), will release the Organiser from its obligations. The business entrance Passes will not be reimbursed and no indemnification will be paid by the Organiser.

8. Miscellaneous / Safety

If the Participant is unable to access the Event owing to failure to comply with safety instructions or safety measures required for entry to the premises hosting the Event, the Participant cannot obtain a refund for the price of their entrance Pass. Consequently, Participants are responsible for checking, in particular by consulting the Organiser's website or the website of the Parc des Expositions, what safety-related obligations Participants will be required to comply with in order to access the Event venue.

9. Personal data

For all matters regarding personal data, you may consult our Data Privacy page.

10. Image rights

Attendees at Viva Technology 2019 are informed that photographic and / or audiovisual records may be made by the Organiser and / or exhibitors, press throughout the Viva Technology event and in all areas open to the public (session rooms, exhibition area, VIP Lounge, and outdoor spaces in particular).

In this context, the attendees recognize and accept

(a) that their image can be captured in photographs and / or films that will be produced

(b) that the photos and films can be reproduced and represented on any media, because of the distribution rights by the Organizer or the exhibitors of any photo or film of a information, documentary (ie : podcasts videos) or promotional nature related to the Event for any current or future edition of the Event. These broadcasts are authorized for any media or medium, by all means and technical forms known or unknown to date, for the whole world.

Attendees may exercise their right of access, rectification and deletion of their image free of charge in accordance with the conditions set out in the article "Personal Data".

11. Applicable law and attribution of jurisdiction

11.1. These Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale are governed by the French law.

11.2. Any dispute that may arise concerning the validity, interpretation or performance of the said Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale will, if a prior attempt to reach an out of court settlement has been unsuccessful, be subject to the exclusive competence of the courts falling within the jurisdiction of the Paris Court of Appeal.