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Weekly Tech News Roundup #5

Posted at: 10.28.2022
Police in the metaverse, 10,000 hydrogen cars, a new “Chief Twit,” plus more in this week’s Tech News Roundup. 28 October 2022.

Every week we present the latest startup, tech and innovation news from around the world to keep you updated on the latest happenings. Let’s dive into this week"e;s top 5 stories. >>

Photo credit: Goal

# 1 Lionel Messi Launches Investment Firm Targeting Sports and Technology

Argentinian and PSG soccer star, Lionel Messi, launches an investment firm targeting sports and technology, named Play Time Sports-Tech. Messi is currently preparing for the World Cup in Qatar that starts in November, which will most likely be his last – the interest in investing might just be a new pastime for the international soccer player after the cup.

Play Time will be run by Silicon Valley VC, Razmig Hovaghimian, and will aim to help soccer-focused tech startups get off the ground. It plans to remain “stage-agnostic,” meaning that it will invest in startups at various developmental stages.


Photo credit: Interpol

#2 Interpol Launches First Ever Metaverse for Global Law Enforcement 

Originally designed for immersive training courses for investigations, Interpol has announced their Metaverse specifically designed for law enforcement worldwide. Becoming the first-ever law enforcement in the Metaverse, the platform will hopefully ease user’s concerns around metaverse crimes like ransomware, harassment or identity theft. 

Interpol’s secretary general Jürgen Stock stated that they hope to continue “supporting our member countries to fight crime and making the world, virtual or not, safer for those who inhabit it.” As the number of users in the virtual world increases, so does crime. It might not be such a bad thing to have a new sheriff in town.


Photo credit: Station F

#3 Station F Turns its Main Startup Program into an Acceleration Program

Station F revamps its flagship Founders Program to turn it into an Acceleration Program for high-potential early-stage startups. By lengthening their program and accepting fewer startups (from 200 to 25), their program can be more hands-on and beneficial to participating startups.

The new 15 month program includes an office space at Station F, workshops on building a startup team and product-market fit, and support on pitching and business structuring throughout the year. What’s different is that Station F will also take a 1% equity stake from each startup – a move that “proves that we have skin in the game and that we will remain engaged,” Station F director Roxanne Varza stated.

Photo credit: Hopium

#4 Hopium Partners with Credit Agricole for 10,000 Hydrogen Vehicles (Worth €1.2B)

Hopium partners with Credit Agricole to produce 10,000 hydrogen-powered models of its Machina, a deal worth €1.2B. The French startup, which is one of the first manufacturers of high-end hydrogen vehicles, was created in 2019 by racing driver Olivier Lombard as a way to create new mobility solutions to meet contemporary environmental challenges.

The announcement of the order from Credit Agricole comes right after Paris Automotive Week, where the world of automotive came together to present the  newest technologies. Production for the 10,000 vehicles is set to begin in 2025.

Photo credit: Reuters

#5 Elon Musk Announces He Has Officially Bought Twitter in $44B Deal

After months of twists and turns, Elon Musk has just announced on October 27th the official takeover of Twitter, becoming "e;Chief Twit"e;. The announcement came, naturally, from Musk’s Twitter page.

His first move as owner of the mega social platform$1 Firing top executives. This leaves the rest of Twitter’s employees worried about their future as well. The Tesla CEO has plans to implement fewer limits on content that can be shared and make algorithms available to the public. Musk also stated that this acquisition is not for monetary gains, but "to try to help humanity, whom I love."

That’s it for this week. We’ll see you in a week for the next round up! 

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