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A Biometric Lock for Your Handbag

Posted at: 02.14.2019
VivaTech supplies the magic touch for a new anti-theft startup.

Zora Younsi is the young co-founder of Lock"e;N"e;Touch, a tech startup that is developing a biometric padlock for luxury leather goods. In 2016 Zora came to the attention of an association called Nos Quartiers Ont du Talent (NQT), whose mission is to bridge the gap between the business world and university graduates from modest backgrounds. Most importantly, she came to VivaTech that same year.

Zora’s CV had been selected by Talent Connect, the AI-powered recruitment platform developed by ManpowerGroup for Viva Technology and its partners. Zora was invited to participate in a mentoring session at VivaTech 2016. Her coach: France’s then-Minister of the Economy, Emmanuel Macron, who she credits for encouraging her to take the leap and become an entrepreneur.

“VivaTech is an incredible thing,” Zora says. “When someone asks me to tell the story of Lock"e;NTouch I always say VivaTech is where it all started.”

Lock’N’Touch started precisely when Zora returned to VivaTech in 2017. She pitched her startup idea on the Orange and LVMH Labs at VivaTech, and today the fledgling company is incubating in the Fighters program at Station F in Paris. A first Lock’N’Touch prototype is in the works, investors are on the horizon, and Zora Younsi is planning to be back at VivaTech for a third time in 2019.