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VivaTech Press Releases

Tomorrow's biggest stories in tech and business begin in Paris at VivaTech. 

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71% of startups exhibiting at VivaTech consider the event to be a business booster

71% of startups exhibiting at VivaTech consider the event to be a business booster

In 2022 VivaTech confirmed its place as Europe's leading event for startups

Viva Technology, in partnership with MRCC, conducted a survey of startups exhibiting at the most recent edition of the event*. The vast majority of the participating startups stated that Viva Technology brought them a lot of business and also opened up other interesting opportunities, such as introducing them to potential investors and helping them to develop their brand image or improve their pitching skills.

VivaTech, a business generator

77.6% of the startups surveyed consider that they derived a business benefit from their participation in VivaTech this year. Among them, 90% report a positive return on investment. 52% of them generated +25% of their annual leads at VivaTech in 2022.

The benefits most frequently cited by the panel were related to matchmaking between startups and VC's. In fact, 15% of startups surveyed said they had raised funds through their participation in the event, and 67% had managed to identify potential investors on site.

"The main reason we come back to VivaTech every year is for the quality of the discussions we have there, but also for the business we are able to generate in just two or three days. This represents 50% to 60% of our leads for the following year." – Ruben Hallali, CEO, HD Rain


For startups, ROI extends beyond sales

The satisfaction of startups at VivaTech can be attributed to more than the number of sales leads generated. A vast majority of the startups surveyed point to the development of their brand image. Nine out of 10 of the startups exhibiting in 2022 consider that they increased their brand awareness thanks to their participation at VivaTech.

"The visibility that VivaTech offers us, especially in terms of media exposure, is essential in building our ecosystem.” – Anne-Cecile Marie, Technology Adjacencies Director, Innovafeed.

To take it a step further, the startups on the panel said that ROI can also be measured by other criteria: 64.4% of them believe that their participation at VivaTech allowed them to consolidate their pitches, while 57.8% were able to identify valuable business opportunities at the event.



*Survey conducted 7-18 September 2022 by MRCC among a representative sample of startups exhibiting at the 6th annual edition of Viva Technology, which took place 15-18 June 2022 in Paris

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Léa Roos, Viva Technology