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Hippolyte: Your Partner for Innovative and Efficient Recruitment At Hippolyte, our mission is to help you find and attract top talent with our expertise in pre-qualified sourcing and boosting employer brand on social media. Choosing Hippolyte, you get: 1️⃣ Unrivaled talent pool access: Use social media to reach both active and passive candidates, creating the best talent pool for your company. 2️⃣ Strengthened employer brand: Promote your brand image to potential candidates with personalized, immersive campaigns that mirror your values and corporate culture. 3️⃣ AI-enhanced efficiency and time savings: Receive only AI-pre-qualified profiles that meet your criteria, enabling you to focus on evaluating and selecting the most promising candidates. 4️⃣ Real-time monitoring: Track sourced profiles on our platform or your ATS for optimal traceability and visibility on your recruitments. Trust Hippolyte to revitalize your recruitment and ensure you attract the best talent for your company.