At ENGIE, we believe in a harmonious progress, that reconciles individual interests and collective development, relying on the combination of new energies and digital technology.
Beyond energy, it guides us to invest in new technologies, which will give access to unlimited, clean and accessible energy, and will contribute to build sustainable cities.
Innovation and partnership with startups are crucial to develop these new solutions. This is why ENGIE takes part in VivaTechnology.

Engie at Viva Technology

At ENGIE, we are convinced that innovation is collaborative, first and foremost. Both in our company, but also all around us: entrepreneurs, inventors, startups, incubators, etc.
The ability to innovate requires the ability to listen, promote and support entrepreneurs inside and outside the Group.
ENGIE pursues an open innovation strategy that involves a series of calls for projects in strategic areas of energy and digital technologies.
ENGIE Lab will welcome startups who work side by side with us to imagine the future of energy, providing solutions on mobility and smart cities, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Engie's collaboration with startups