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Relive VivaTech 2023: Watch Top Sessions on Demand

Posted at: 07.10.2023in category:Session Digests
With over 95 hours worth of talks with the leading voices in tech, it’s hard to decide what to watch from VivaTech 2023. Our VivaTech team picked their favorites to help you choose.

We welcomed over 450 speakers on our VivaTech stages a few weeks ago. From insights into climate technologies and artificial intelligence to Elon Musk’s advice for young entrepreneurs, we learned so much from the brightest minds in tech. Check out our selection of top sessions from VivaTech 2023.


Jacques Attali, Yann LeCun, & Nicholas Thompson. Photo credit: VivaTech

AI By the People, For the People

Futurologist Jacques Attali spoke about the impact of artificial intelligence and how its use can both be detrimental and beneficial to society. While Yann LeCun, Chief AI Scientist at Meta, implored the fact that AI is intrinsically good because the goal is to make people smarter, even if “we’re missing something really big in AI still in order to reach human intelligence.” Watch the debate on AI HERE.


Fotis Fotiadis, Samantha Gadenne, Joanna Gordon, Berta de Pablos-Barbier, & Aude Guo. Photo credit: VivaTech

Adapt to Survive: Climate Change and Food Production

Climate change and demographic growth are driving the food industry to innovate. As we face a future with more frequent natural disasters, reduced crop yields, and increasingly scarce resources, it is essential that we explore innovative ways to sustainably produce food. Our speakers discussed how technology could help us balance the need for efficient food production with environmental sustainability. WATCH IT HERE.


Lara O’Reilly, Sid Odedra, & Peggy Johnson. Photo credit: VivaTech

Is the Future of Automotive in Augmented Reality

Extended Reality technologies seem to be permeating every industry these days. But when you think about XR in a vehicle, the idea of donning a headset that replaces a traditional dashboard and controls has never been considered, until now. Explore the future of automotive design without limits with Audi and Magic Leap. WATCH IT HERE


Elon Musk. Photo credit: VivaTech

A Conversation with Elon Musk

Our most-viewed session of VivaTech 2023. Listen to Elon Musk’s animated session about his beginnings at Paypal, the founding of Tesla, SpaceX, and Neuralink, and if he thinks his purchase of Twitter was worth it. WATCH IT HERE.


Pierre Côte, Françoise Baylis, Catherine Feuillet, & Baldomero Alonso-Latorre. Photo credit: VivaTech 

Copy, Paste: What Can Gene Editing Do

CRISPR allows scientists to edit genes with unprecedented precision and efficiency. Our speakers dove into the ethics of this technology, how safe and reliable it actually is, and what the possible risks and benefits are for individuals and society. WATCH IT HERE.


Clara Hainsdorf, Andy Yen, Nia Castelly, & Julia Sieger. Photo credit: VivaTech

Does Privacy Still Exist

Never have our lives been more reliant on digital technologies. From the rise and evolution of social media, where millions of users share details of their lives, to the blurring of public and professional spaces during the pandemic, we are constantly generating and sharing data online. Our speakers discuss best practices for maintaining privacy. WATCH IT HERE.


Bob Metcalfe. Photo credit: VivaTech


Ethernet computer networking technologies were first documented in a memo that Bob Metcalfe wrote in 1973, exactly 50 years ago. In 2023, Robert Metcalfe was awarded the Turing Award for its creation. Nicholas Thompson sat down with the inventor to discuss the effect of modern telecommunication networks. WATCH IT HERE.


Marc Benioff & Maurice Levy. Photo credit: VivaTech

A Conversation with Marc Benioff

Salesforce Chair, CEO, and Co-founder Marc Benioff sat down with Maurice Levy to chat about his love for France, how Salesforce has become the world’s 3rd largest software company in the world with $35B in yearly revenue, and why he thinks that businesses can be a force for positive change in the world. WATCH IT HERE.


Watched them all Dive into more of our 180 sessions on topics like Deep Tech, Web3, Diversity & Inclusion in Tech, Food Tech, Health Tech, Marketing, and more. Find all our sessions on video on demand HERE


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