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VivaTech Press Releases

Tomorrow's biggest stories in tech and business begin in Paris at VivaTech. 

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Wanderland debuts its AR metaverse at VivaTech 2022

From June 15 to 18, Wanderland, the augmented reality Metaverse app on iOS, will launch at VivaTech in Paris.

For the occasion, thousands of visitors will be able to post content in the AR Metaverse alongside internationally renowned artists.

Opuscope, the French Metaverse pioneer startup behind Wanderland, was discovered in 2016 at VivaTech. Opuscope chose the 2022 edition to show a preview of its new app.


An exclusive art exhibition in the AR Metaverse


Wanderland and VivaTech will put artists shaping web3 in the spotlight with an exceptional art exhibition in the AR Metaverse.

Some of the most famous digital artists worldwide are invited to exhibit their artwork at the event such as:




Visitors take power in VivaTech

All visitors will be able to change their reality at the VivaTech event by anchoring persistent content in augmented reality by downloading Wanderland. The app lets visitors pin their memories in pictures, messages, tweets, 3D models, NFTs, website links, emojis … for others to discover exactly where they were left.

By entering the AR Metaverse, VivaTech becomes a futuristic, immersive, and collaborative space, where everyone can shape and customize it to express their voice.


Wanderland, the AR Metaverse that competes with the VR Metaverse

For Wanderland’s founders, Thomas Nigro and Soraya Jaber, the Metaverse is the next computing platform, thanks to augmented reality: “People don’t want to live through virtual reality, cut off from the real world”, says Soraya Jaber “With augmented reality, people are empowered as they can add digital content in the real world for others to see. AR is an enrichment of the world, not an escape in a virtual reality that most of the time is in fact restricted to a multiplayer game”.

Contrary to some of the digital giants, Wanderland promotes an ethical and open ecosystem that offers multiple bridges to other apps and the Internet: “Our responsibility is to build a better vision of the metaverse, far from the existing closed ecosystems that aim at preventing competition and keeping users at all price. We want an open and interoperable metaverse”.

To be part of the first to discover the AR Metaverse, you can download it now on the App Store

Press contact

Soraya Jaber, Wanderland CEO

+33 6 88 34 61 41