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Tomorrow's biggest stories in tech and business begin in Paris at VivaTech. 



On the occasion of the 7th edition of VivaTech, the Swiss Pavilion will showcase its innovations in the field of digital trust.



Paris, June 1, 2023 - Benefiting from one of the most innovative digital ecosystems in the world and ranking first globally in terms of innovation, Switzerland attracts numerous startups in the field of digital trust and cybersecurity. On the occasion of the 7th edition of VivaTech, swisstech, accompanied by twenty-five startups, companies, and research institutions, has chosen digital trust as its flagship theme: 12 startups will demonstrate Swiss expertise in this field. Visitors will also have the opportunity to assess their level of digital reliability with the Digital Trust Compass, an online self-assessment tool developed by the Swiss Digital Initiative.


Selected by the Trust Valley, the Swiss center of expertise in digital trust and cybersecurity, in partnership with the Swiss Digital Initiative, which has developed the first digital trust label in collaboration with its partners, the Economy of Trust Foundation and the unlimitrust campus, a global center for the economy of trust, these twelve startups will present their innovations and solutions showcasing Swiss talent. Visitors will have the opportunity to discover cutting-edge technologies in areas such as clean technologies, robotics, sustainable mobility, and food technologies. The networking space and the pavilion stage will provide unique opportunities for interviews, informal exchanges, demonstrations, and conferences, offering an interactive experience on digital trust.


Digital Trust: Startups present at VivaTech 2023 (ICT/Data Management)
Founded by Paul-Olivier Dehaye, a world-renowned mathematician, and data management expert, aims to enable companies to understand the risks associated with data collection and better leverage them while respecting users' rights. With trust at the core of this new digital Eldorado, aims to offer concrete solutions and intelligent support to companies and individuals who wish to obtain and use data in a privacy-respecting manner.


Nym Technologies (Service Technology)
Nym Technologies advocates for user privacy and confidentiality. To achieve this goal, the startup utilizes a network of servers called mixnet, which obscures users' metadata footprint, enabling applications to enhance their level of privacy. With the support of Chelsea Manning's services, who gained worldwide attention for her revelations through WikiLeaks about abuses by the U.S. military in Iraq, Nym Technologies has raised $300 million.


Strong Network (Service Technology)
Founded by two engineers with extensive experience in cybersecurity, Strong Network has created a solution
that allows companies to seamlessly visualize their IT development environment in the cloud. Developers can work on their own computers from anywhere, while preserving computing power. The company raised €5.1 million in March 2022 and has won several cybersecurity awards since its inception, including the FIC Startup
Award 2022 and the Tech Tour Award 2022.


ClearSky (AI & Robotics/Service Technology)
Established in 2022 by a quantum physicist, ClearSky designs private, personalized, and proactive solutions using "Edge Artificial Intelligence" technology. Through a personalized AI device that operates locally, ClearSky transforms meetings into structured and secure data, ensuring uncompromised confidentiality.


Obligate (Service Technology)
With a total of $8.5 million raised in startup funding, Obligate, formerly known as FQX, is based in Switzerland.
It allows companies to issue shares and treasury funds on its platform to obtain financing from various investors. With lower costs and a faster process than traditional methods, these regulated investment securities can be used globally.


Prodaft (Cyber Security)
Prodaft is a pioneering company in the field of cyber threat intelligence, supporting private and public sectors
worldwide with its solutions. Established in 2012 and continuously growing, Prodaft is renowned for being utilized by the world's largest critical infrastructures and research facilities. The company's mission is to prevent breaches before they happen, reducing the time and effort spent on analyzing, interpreting, and verifying potential threats.


Resilio (CleanTech)
Launched in 2020 in collaboration with and Zero Emission Group, Resilio is the only platform in the market capable of assessing the environmental footprint of digital activities. The startup provides a SaaS
platform to quantify the environmental impact based on a Life Cycle Analysis approach and answer various questions such as: How much CO2 does my e-commerce emit, or how much water do laptops in my company consume?


Altkimya (AI & Robotics/Service Technology)
Selected by the Tech4trust program, Altkimya is a young startup that has developed a data factory offering a unified view of information security and observability. This platform aims to simplify the process of collecting billions of real-time data points. Its technology enables the deployment of powerful solutions in a very short time. In 2023, the company raised 1.2 million Swiss francs.


Saporo (Cyber Security)
Based in Silicon Valley, Saporo is a cybersecurity company providing a unique solution for managing attack surfaces. Its innovative approach helps clients anticipate cyberattacks by prioritizing and reducing risks associated with identity. After a successful product launch in January 2022 and a fundraising of 4 million euros, Saporo saw its customer base triple.


Kimbocare (HealthTech)
Founded by a sibling team and the winner of the "Social Impact" 1 award, Kimbocare is a platform that enables customers to purchase healthcare services in the form of "health credits" for patients with limited financial means. These patients can then use these health credits at dedicated medical partners in developing regions.
The company leverages blockchain, mobile, and big data technologies to provide a holistic solution for customers, patients, and medical partners.

Modulos (AI & Robotics)
Founded in 2018, Modulos is a pioneering company in the development of AI technology. Its goal is to support
creators of AI products so that citizens and customers can have confidence in the creations developed by businesses. Through its platform, Modulos helps global enterprises identify sources of errors, enabling them to create fair and accurate AI applications in compliance with regulations.


Authena (Authenticity/Service Technology)
Authena is a Swiss company founded in 2018 with the aim of helping brands combat counterfeiting and diversion through an advanced authenticity and traceability platform as a service. By combining the power of blockchain with several proprietary IoT devices, the startup protects authenticity, prevents diversion, and provides real-time traceability for physical and digital products and assets. The goal is to foster sustainable progress. Authena has a significant impact on businesses and consumers, making the world more transparent, connected, and authentic.


*1 Herbert & Audrey Rosenfield Prize, which rewards innovative startups in social impact and cybersecurity.


Three partners at the heart of Swiss digital trust


The Trust Valley's initial activities began in 2019 as part of the Tech4Trust pilot project. Building on its success, this acceleration program dedicated to innovative startups in digital trust and cybersecurity has already been extended for four seasons, with the fifth season currently being prepared. Its acceleration program helps the most promising companies in the world prepare for the market through top-notch mentoring, strategic support, and training provided by leading industry partners. Over the course of this six-month program, Tech4Trust accelerates startups, helps them secure funding, launch pilot projects, and prepare their operations for faster and long-term growth.


The Swiss Digital Initiative, a nonprofit foundation aiming to integrate ethical principles and values into technologies through concrete projects, dedicated two years of research with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne to develop a label for certifying digital trust. They created a catalog of 35 criteria to
enable the creation of the Digital Trust Label. Based on this, they are launching the Digital Trust Compass at VivaTech, an online self-assessment tool available to businesses or users to evaluate their digital reliability or naivety, respectively. 
It can be tested at the SwissTech Pavilion!


The unlimitrust campus is an innovation hub in the field of trust-related technologies, creating a space for collaboration and bringing together various stakeholders to foster innovation in new technologies and trust.
Founded on the belief that individuals and organizations should never have to compromise their privacy, security, or ethics, this campus has several ambitions: to foster collaborations, facilitate partnerships, and develop or implement trust solutions.


This community of innovators is led by the Economy of Trust Foundation to promote and advance the concept of the trust economy. It offers programs to stimulate innovation and organizes events on the unlimitrust campus and beyond, to promote technologies, policies, and practices that ensure the secure and sustainable circulation of products, services, and people, both physically and digitally.


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