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Sis ID and Trustpair win the Kyriba Open Liquidity Platform Challenge

Their  use cases completes the validation of the model chosen by Kyriba for the development and marketing of future applications offered in partnership with developers on the Kyriba platform

The winning use cases will become applications accessible from the Kyriba platform and help in the fight against payment fraud

Kyriba, one of the world leaders in IT and financial solutions in the Cloud, announces that Sis ID and Trustpair have won the Open Liquidity Platform Challenge, the start-up challenge organised by Kyriba during VivaTech. This completes the validation of its application development and marketing portal project.
Two applications dedicated to fraud detection
Sis ID is a French fintech created in 2016 that supports companies in the fight against bank transfer fraud and Trustpair is a solution of reference to thwart wire-transfer fraud were judged to offer the most suitable use cases for the Kyriba platform in terms of connectivity. The judges were particularly impressed by the use of APIs and the response to current fraud detection issues faced by treasurers.
The two winners will benefit from immediate access to the Kyriba platform and dedicated technical support to develop their applications. As the first application providers on the Kyriba platform, they will also get go-to market support. The successful candidates are also now members of the worldwide Kyriba ecosystem and will get visibility with Kyriba’s 2,500 clients from June 2021.
Model validation and further development
The identification of two use cases shows the attractiveness and feasibility of its portal of applications development and marketing in the areas of payment security.
In order to pursue this approach in other areas of liquidity management such as cash management, payments, risk and working capital, Kyriba will collaborate with four other companies that took part in the challenge - CopperInfotrieTreasurySpring and Upswot – with a view to integrating them into the platform later on.
Kyriba thanks all the participants in the challenge for their commitment and sporting attitude throughout the event.

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