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VivaTech Press Releases

Tomorrow's biggest stories in tech and business begin in Paris at VivaTech. 

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Pedro Sánchez, prime minister of Spain, will participate at the 5th edition of Viva Technology

Pedro Sánchez, prime minister of Spain, will participate at Viva Technology, Europe's biggest startup and tech event. In light of his stated goal of making Spain one of the most modern and prosperous countries in the European Union by 2050, the prime minister's participation at Viva Technology will allow him to immerse himself in the European tech ecosystem and present the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Strategy.

Spain is a key country in the development of startups in Europe, especially in the energy, retail and e-commerce sectors, with two main startup hubs – Barcelona and Madrid – to accelerate development.

In addition to the remote intervention of the prime minister, Spain will be represented by many innovations and prominent speakers, including:

H2 SITE (hosted by Engie): Solutions to produce high-quality hydrogen on-site while reducing costs

SENSE4CARE (hosted by AirLiquide): Specializing in the design, manufacture and marketing of medical devices to improve the quality of life of people requiring special care

DINBEAT (hosted by Royal Canin): The first multi-parameter harness that wirelessly monitors the health of pets in real-time

Juan Alvarez de Lara, Founder and CEO - Seed&Click: A platform to connect talented entrepreneurs, smart investors and large companies looking to innovate

Yasmine Fage, Founder & COO - Levere Holdings: A publicly traded SPAC looking to invest in and merge with electric and connected mobility companies in Europe

Ana Maiques, CEO - Neuroelectrics: A new therapeutic platform to treat neurological and psychiatric disorders

The platform is now open for press accreditation until Friday, June 10. 

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