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M2 announces technology leaders as partners of the network

Nvidia, Google, Ubitus and Dolby will be supporting the M2 network.


London and Paris — June 16, 2023

Today M2 , an ecosystem of technologies, services, and standards powering a network of interconnected metaverses, announced a new set of technology leaders as partners of the network. M2 benefits from the support of leading players in the areas of cloud infrastructure, cloud pixel streaming, and video & audio technologies to enable unique, highly qualitative, easily accessible and seamless experiences in the metaverse.


Cloud infrastructure and cloud pixel streaming


Cloud streaming forms an important part of the M2 offering, enabling consumers to access M2 metaverse experiences seamlessly, from a variety of device types through an internet browser. This accessibility enables M2 metaverses to address mass market consumers and make sharing of instant access links for M2 experiences on social media a reality.


NVIDIA provides M2 with the NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network (GDN), the backbone necessary for delivering high-fidelity graphics in an ultra-low-latency, real-time environment. GDN is a cloud-streaming solution that uses NVIDIA’s own cloud infrastructure, as well as infrastructure from several partners globally. M2 uses GDN to access high-performance GPUs that deliver unrivalled graphics for users joining M2 experiences.


By rendering metaverse applications with, and streaming them over, GDN, M2 users can enjoy these experiences on nearly any device with a web browser.


Google Cloud is a key partner of M2 , supplying the cloud infrastructure that is critical to the M2 network. Services used throughout the development, testing and live operations of the metaverses operated on M2 are hosted on Google Cloud.


Ubitus is a GPU virtualisation and cloud streaming provider that deploys on Google Cloud infrastructure, as well as other cloud vendors. Through Ubitus customised support, M2 is able to offer cloud streaming in increasingly diverse locations worldwide economically.


Real-time video streaming


M2 relies on Real-time Streaming to deliver video content into M2 metaverse experiences with extremely low latency. This capability empowers M2 metaverses with the ability to merge live broadcasting with interactive experiences, as well as enable crucial functionality for enterprise and corporate use cases such as screen-sharing and video calls within the metaverse. Additionally, Real-time Streaming is utilised to broadcast live video productions captured within M2 metaverse experiences out to large audiences.


Lincoln Wallen, CTO of Improbable, commented: “Our mission is to bring best-in-class technologies to our network participants across sports, entertainment and consumer products to help them enrich their relationships with loyal consumers. We are delighted to be partnering with these market-leading companies.”


“The NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network is helping Improbable on its quest to break new ground in virtual experiences. Thanks to our collaboration, M2 audiences worldwide can experience high-fidelity immersive entertainment on any device, powered by superfast and responsive NVIDIA RTX graphics streaming technology,” said Candice Mudrick, Senior Product Manager of the NVIDIA Graphics Delivery Network.


"We are happy to collaborate with Improbable to bring M2 to life. Google Cloud will provide the cloud infrastructure needed to support and enable developers to build and deploy high-quality, immersive metaverse experiences that can be enjoyed by people all over the world. " says Juliet Bramwell, Director, Telco, Media & Entertainment, UKI, Google Cloud.


“It is an honour to work with Improbable and contribute to this pioneering metaverse endeavour. We hope to continue our close working relationship with Improbable and be a part of their greater success in the future," stated Wesley Kuo, CEO of Ubitus


“ is proud to join the M2 ecosystem and play a vital role in driving the future of digital connectivity. With real-time video streaming capabilities, is enabling more immersive and interactive experiences for audiences within the metaverse,” said Paul Boustead, Dolby Laboratories’ Vice President of Product and Architecture for