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VivaTech Press Releases

Tomorrow's biggest stories in tech and business begin in Paris at VivaTech. 


Building deep tech unicorns : European Innovation Council

For the first time, the European Innovation Council will be present at Vivatech with a stand in the EuropaTech zone. 
Innovators and startups can learn about the EIC funding opportunities, have a chat with EIC experts and National Contact Points and attend our daily workshop.

The EIC has just launched the EIC Scale Up 100 initiative that aims to identify, promote, and support 100 promising deep tech companies in Europe to grow into global tech champions and potentially to become ‘unicorns’ (exceeding €1 billion valuation). 
Those future deep tech champions will be selected among the top-performing awardees of financial schemes of the European Innovation Council, other national and European innovation programmes and beyond. 
The initiative will help the companies develop their corporate, leadership strategies, reach strategic investors, and partners, expand internationally, obtain access to networking, and peer exchange.

In addition, we will announce this year’s edition of the EIC Women Innovators Prize, which aims to recognise and celebrate the exceptional contributions of women innovators in the European deep tech landscape.

The new EIC Board President Michiel Scheffer, who took office on June 1st is available for interview together with a number of companies who are currently supported by the EIC and have joined our delegation to VivaTech. 
Please get in touch with in order to explore interview opportunities.



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