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General public day

Traditionally, the last day of VivaTech, Saturday, is open to the general public. Because new technologies transform our daily lives, students, families and young workers can attend the conferences of the tech stars, in French, during this day. 

Inspiring speakers, influencers and entrepreneurs will speak throughout the day on Saturday on a variety of topics to help us better understand the world of tomorrow, ranging from major societal issues (environment, diversity and inclusion, health, education, future of work, sustainable food and agriculture, Web3) to entrepreneurship, through entertainment (music, gaming, sports).

Ridouan Abagri (Founder - Metaverse College), Arthur Auboeuf (Co-Founder - Time for the Planet), Catherine Barba (CEO - CB Group), Lilia Benchabane (comedian), Kati Bremme (Innovation Manager- France TV), Matthieu Beucher (Founder & CEO - Klaxoon), Julia Bijaoui (CEO - Frichti), Kat Borlongan (Chief Impact Officer - Contentsquare), Florian Breton (Founder & et CEO - MiiMOSA), Dipty Chander (President - E-mma Organization), Dr.Tawhid Chtioui (President - Aivancity), Axel Dauchez (Founder -, Jerome Dubreuil (Chief Digital Officer - Decathlon), Vincent Ducrey (President - HUB INSTITUTE & SCHOOL OF IMPACT), Marie Ekeland (President -2050), Céline Favy-Huin (Co-Founder - Feelobject), Josephine Goube (CEO - Sistech), Aude Guo (Co-Founder & CEO - InnovaFeed), Soraya Jaber (CEO - Wanderland), Christian Jorge (CEO - Omie & Cie), Erwan Kezzar (Co-Founder - Contournement), Loubna Ksibi (Co-Founder - Meet My Mama), Eric Larchevêque (Co-Founder - Ledger & Algosup), Paul Lê (Co-Founder - La Belle Vie), Victoria Lelandais (Ambassador - Lito), LittleBigWhale (Ambassador - Vitality), Alexandre Mars (Founder & President - Epic and Blisce), Ioana Matei (Chief Metaverse Officer - Procter&Gamble), Nicolas Maurer (CEO    - Team Vitality), Frédéric Mazzella (Founder & President - BlaBlaCar), Gaël Musquet (CEO - HAND - Hackers Against Natural Disasters & CxLinks), Rebecca Nachanakian (Southern Europe- General Director - WeWork), Erik Orsenna (Writer, member of French academy and speaker), Nicolas Pouard (Vice-President of the strategic innovation laboratory - Ubisoft), David Princay (President France - Binance), Riquelme Montiel (comedian), Rim Tehraoui (CDO - BNP Paribas) and many more.

The innovations presented in Hall 1 and the experiences and activities offered by VivaTech's partners have been specially revisited to interest as many people as possible and to provide them with unforgettable experiences. Thus Magic Tech mixes technology with magic tricks for even more illusion with its Tech or Trick project; Artpoint will install a digital art gallery along Stage One; LITO will present 3D printed works of art; Wanderland, the French augmented-reality metaverse application on iOS, will invite visitors to discover at the entrance of the event an exhibition in the metaverse in augmented reality with internationally renowned artists such as Ines Alpha, Allan Berger, Pierre Brault, Gregos, or Isabelle Udo. Visitors will discover this unique and unprecedented exhibition with their iPhone from the Wanderland App and will be able to display persistent content in augmented reality during the four days of the event: souvenir photos, messages, tweets, 3D models, smiley faces, 3D NFTs... Still in the field of art, the French startup Steinway & Sons will exhibit its autonomous smart-piano.

But also Holo Industries, which reinvents man-machine interactions with its holographic solutions enabling the manipulation of any image in the air; or Instrument of Things, a German startup that wants to enable everyone to become a musician in an intuitive way.

The very young and teenagers will be able to learn how to pitch at Tech Kids with Startup For Kids, and the Student Innovation Challenge, a call for projects launched throughout Europe to identify the most promising innovations from the academic ecosystem, will showcase the five best student innovations selected by Viva Technology to present their innovations on Saturday, 18 June on the Discovery Stage, in French. And also, an autonomous car race, the Robocar; and also, an autonomous car race, the Robocar; games around innovation by students from 42, GOBELINS and CODING FACTORY will take place all day and special tutorials to discover the NFT. or special tutorials to discover the NFT.