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Antoine Alléno Association
Taking action to protect our children


On 8 May 2022, Antoine Alléno, the son of three-star French chef Yannick Alléno, died tragically at the age of 24, the victim of a fatal act of violence while stationary on his scooter. His family and friends decided to turn their grief into constructive energy, to provide support and take action. Together, they founded the Antoine Alléno Association to prevent acts of violence against children and help families faced with the sudden loss of a child under the age of 25.

Prevention is essential for young people aged 14 to 24, an age group over-represented in mortality statistics, but one that is relatively unfamiliar with the risks associated with mobility.

At the age when they are "going mobile", whatever their mode of locomotion, to gain greater independence, young people are often unaware of what is at stake in terms of risks to their lives and those of others. The mobility landscape is changing fast (more and more EPDMs, micro-cars accessible from the age of 14, lower driving license age, increased distraction through the use of smartphones, etc.).

This is a high-priority area for action!
To meet this challenge, we are organizing IMPACT, a one-day public event to be held in Paris in February 2025. The aim of IMPACT is to help educate users about the risks associated with mobility and to lower the number of young people who die on the roads each year.

As part of the day's activities, an exhibition area will be dedicated to cutting-edge technological solutions where all the players, from startups to the biggest corporations, will be able to discuss, demonstrate and share their innovations, with the sole aim of advancing technology to reduce the number of deaths on the roads as quickly as possible.

It is against this backdrop that the Antoine Alléno Association is inviting applications from any startup capable of providing any form of solution that either avoids an accident, limits the impact of a collision or encourages more responsible driving behaviour.

Our Startup Challenges

  • Challenge 1

    Solutions that prevent accidents

  • Challenge 2

    Solutions that limit the impact and protect drivers/users, whatever their mode of transport, in the event of an accident.

  • Challenge 3

    Prevention solutions that encourage responsible driving behaviour.

Selection Criteria

- The ability of the solution to respond effectively to the specific needs of drivers, particularly young drivers, and to improve their safety and driving performance.

- The proposed solution must be capable of being applied on a large scale, adaptable to different urban and rural contexts and to different types of vehicle.

- The solution must allow clear and measurable monitoring of its impact on reducing accidents or improving safety, with clear performance indicators.

- The proposed innovations must take into account their environmental impact and promote sustainable mobility, using environmentally friendly technologies and materials.


Win a prize money of 50,000 euros across all categories

Win a prize money of 50,000 euros across all categories

Showcase your solution at “IMPACT” and make valuable connections

- Exhibit your solution at a major new event dedicated to road risk awareness happening in February 2025 in Paris.
- Meet major companies, investment funds and institutional investors.
Showcase your solution at “IMPACT” and make valuable connections

Engage with our partners and join our incubation program

- Benefit from the advice of prestigious partners such as Renault and access to an incubation program run by Havas.
- The winning solutions will also receive support from the association's upcoming challenge partners.
Engage with our partners and join our incubation program

Be part of the 9th edition of VivaTech in June 2025

- Get the chance to pitch on stage and win two 4-Day passes to VivaTech.
- Get visibility at Europe's biggest startup and tech event. Follow this link for more information.
Be part of the 9th edition of VivaTech in June 2025

Our Timeline

  • 1

    17 MAY


  • 2

    22-25 MAY


  • 3

    31 OCTOBER


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