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Every year, Viva Technology puts the spotlight on the latest technologies to watch. This year, among all the technologies covered, particular interest will be paid to deciphering Web3, the real potential of the coming years. This year, among all the technologies discussed, particular interest will be shown in deciphering Web3, the real opportunity in coming years. Web3, the new generation of the web, exploits blockchain technology, unlike Web2, which is based on social networks. By 2026, Gartner estimates that 25% of people will spend at least one hour a day in the Metaverse for work, shopping, education, social media and/or entertainment. Finally, blockchain is expected to increase global GDP by USD 422 billion by 2025 and USD 1.76 trillion by 2030, or 1.4% of the global economy (PwC).

Top speakers:

Will Web3, the third generation of the Internet, enable a shift to a model where online services and platforms are based on blockchains and cryptocurrencies? The Web3 Innovation Park hosted by Binance will showcase the most advanced startups and innovations in the blockchain, crypto and NFT ecosystems to answer this question. Changpeng Zhao (Founder & CEO - Binance) will be present on Stage one at VivaTech to discuss cryptocurrencies and Lari Haav (Managing Director - e-Residency) will talk about how blockchain is helping to develop international trade. On the other VivaTech Stages, other speakers such as Sébastien Badault (VP of Metaverse and Web 3 - Ledger),Sajjad Rehman (VP & Head of Europe - Unstoppable Domaine), Candace Kelly (Chief Legal Officer - Stellar Foundation), Sébastien Borget (Co-founder & COO - Sandbox), Alex de Vries (Data scientist / researcher - DNB/ VU Amsterdam), Alexandre Stervinou (Deputy Head - Banque de France), and John Karp (Organizer - Non Fungible Conference) will be discussing Web3.

From interfaces, to business opportunities and regulatory issues, we will explore the promises and challenges of the metaverse, with Marc Petit (VP, General Manager - Epic Games), Axel Dauchez (CEO -, Tami Bhaumik (Vice President of Civility and Partnerships - Roblox), and Nelly Mensah, (VP Digital Innovation & Head of crypto & Metaverse - LVMH). 

Notable innovations presented:

Meta, formerly Facebook, will present its vision of the metaverse, with a set of innovations highlighted at VivaTech in terms of AI for the future of interaction, business, work and creativity; LVMH will present different applications of the metaverse for the luxury world, partly through its new virtual muse, Livi, who will be the Group’s innovations spokesperson. At its Lab LVMH will also be showcasing the latest Bulgari Octo Finissimo Ultra watch, a global ecosystem that opens up new worlds thanks to a QR code laser-engraved on the watch's ratchet-wheel. Orange will be presenting its Orange 5G Lab “outside the walls” and innovations and startups around 5G and the new applications it offers, such as Wyca, which is developing autonomous navigation robots for use in industry and supermarkets. Orange 5G is also paving the way for new immersive video services in real time. EY will offer a virtual reality experience in the EYVerse to understand how EY will work in a 3D metaverse, merging the physical and the virtual and working with clients to transform businesses in all sectors.  Aquaverse, named "Most Innovative Company of 2022" by the Netexplo Observatory & UNESCO, will show how to engage a community with NFTs to support a marine sponge culture to clean up the ocean floor. The Stage11 startup, which is building the future of entertainment by offering a new way to experience music through a mix of gaming, mixed reality and metaverse technologies, will come to showcase its innovations. The Alpine A110 Sastruga, by Alpine and the Obvious art collective which was unveiled at the Grand Palais in April 2022, will be at VivaTech to demonstrate the creative potential of artificial intelligence (AI) and algorithms.

LITO, the first platform to offer 3D printed physical limited editions and 3D-rendered digital files of the world's greatest artists and museums, will also showcase a more artistic use of the metaverse with, for the first time, masterpieces placed in the metaverse. VivaTech will feature several NFT devices for educational purposes, offering visitors a hands-on experience of NFTs. In partnership with POAP, the leader in NFT Proof Of Attendance, four types of NFTs designed by OBVIOUS, a collective of researchers and artists working with the latest deep-learning models to explore the creative potential of artificial intelligence, will be offered to visitors in the form of a QR code in the VivaSign at the entrance to Hall 1 to raise awareness about how NFTs work. Randomly during the four days, 10 NFT "Golden Tickets" will be issued to gain a five-year access to Viva Technology. In addition, tutorial sessions will be held each day on the Discovery Stage to promote the initiative and to help visitors obtain their first NFT. Grand Prize winners will also be presented with their trophy in NFT format, while VIP visitors can find and win an NFT in the VivaLounge.

It is worth noting that many in-door experiences (such as augmented QR codes) will be available to the public to make their VivaTech experience more immersive (including augmented reality artworks from Fisheye (augmented palace), Orange and BNP Paribas.

In partnership with Wanderland, the French augmented-reality metaverse app on iOS and winners of an Innovation Contest at Viva Technology in 2016, Viva Technology is organizing the world premiere of the first art gallery in the metaverse in augmented reality through an exhibition of digital works by renowned artists such as Ines Alpha, Allan Berger, Pierre Brault, Gregos, or Isabelle Udo. Visitors will be able to discover this unique and unprecedented exhibition through their iPhone from the Wanderland App and will be able to display persistent content in augmented reality during the four days of the event: souvenir photos, messages, tweets, 3D models, smiley faces, 3D NFTs. Finally, the VivaSign 3D model will be available in Wanderland for the duration of the event, to be positioned by users from all over the world.