Executive tours

Get the most out of your Viva Technology experience. Executive tours are personalized guided tours led by experts to discover the latest trends & innovations that will shape your industry at Viva Technology.

Why should you join a Floor Tour?

Floor tours are designed to help C-level executives, marketers, media buyers, brand managers, government officials & technologists:

  • identify key technologies
  • create networking opportunities
  • understand strategic business takeaways

What do I get with a floor tour?

Before: Definition of your needs & identification of key startups you should meet
During: Personalized 2 hours tour led by industry experts
After: Report with the key takeaways & trends from VivaTechnology – Report with the Top 50 Startups present at VivaTechnology

When & where?

Tours are twice a day at 10 am to 12pm & 3pm to 5pm Thursday & Friday during Viva Technology.
Tours are available in French and English.

Executive Tours by HUB Institute @ VIVA TECHNOLOGY 2018