The VivaTech Tour

VivaTech embarked on a worldwide tour to the most vibrant startup hubs on the planet, leading up to the fourth edition! In total over 30 meetups were organised in more than 30 citites around the world. Stay tuned for information about the 2019/2020 VivaTech Tour.

VivaTech Tour 2019

Paris Edition
Fireside Chat with André Manoukian
29th April 2019
Paris Edition
12th April 2019
Bordeaux Edition
Quelles sont les clés de la collaboration startup / grand groupes?
4th April 2019
Orléans Edition
4th April 2019

Women In Tech Edition
3rd April 2019
Strasbourg Edition
United Tech of Europe
27th March 2019
Luxembourg Edition
19th March 2019
Aix-En-Provence Edition
La Tech : camp de base pour une meilleure société ?
14th March 2019
Abidjan Edition
18th February 2019
What is tech doing to save the planet?
13th February 2019
Barcelona Edition
How IoT is shaping the city of the future
12th February 2019
Copenhagen Edition
Going corportate : what's the good recipe?
7th February 2019
Nantes Edition
Quelle est la place de l'immobilier dans la ville du futur?
4th February 2019
New York Edition
Lady Powers inspiring Tech
5th February
Silicon Valley Edition
Ai in the city : How tech will shape urban environements
31st January
Hong Kong Edition
AI in the city : how tech will shape urban environments
17th January 2019
Lausanne Edition
The keys to success for startups and corporate collaboration
15th January 2019

Tel Aviv Edition
Customer experience: how retail is being disrupted?
7th January 2019
Dublin Edition
Is open innovation the right way to scale up in Europe?
17th December 2018
Lyon Edition
Social Tech&Smart City : quels sont les apports réels du numérique?
13th December 2018
Milan Editon
"Food Revolution : shaking up La Mamma's kitchen"
29th November 2018
Berlin Edition
Turning Europe into a Unicorn Factory?
27th November 2018
Stockholm Edition
"Lady Powers Inspiring Tech"
21st November 2018
Cape Town Edition
How to be a badass entrepreneur like Elon Musk?
14th November 2018
Amsterdam Edition
Who's driving the AI revolution?
30th October 2018
London Edition
A tech bromance between London and Paris
9th October 2018
Paris Edition
Launch of VivaTech Tour 2019
4th October 2018

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