VivaTech Executive Tours

Get the most out of your Viva Technology experience!
With a personalized tour of the show floor, led by HUB Institute experts.

Why should you join a Floor Tour ?

Executive Tours are designed to help C-Level executives, marketeers, brand managers, innovation leaders :

Identify the latest key innovations shaping your industry.
Understand the new business challenges of your industry with the analysis of HUB Institute experts.
Meet potential partners to develop a co-innovation strategy.

What do I get with a Floor Tour ?

Definition of your needs
Identification of key startups that you should meet

Personalized 2 hours
Executive Tour led by HUB Institute

Report focusing on key
Takeaways & best startups met during the Executive Tour

When & Where?

Executive Tours are 3 times a day on Thursday & Friday only:

Morning tours : 10-12am
After lunch tours : 1-3 pm
Afternoon tours : 3.30-5.30pm

Executive Tours are available in French & English

VivaTechnology Executive tours by HUB Institute @ VivaTechnology

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