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Come listen to top business and government leaders, visionaries, trailblazers – their successes, their challenges and how they see the impact of tech on our societies. By pushing boundaries in business, politics, markets, and technology, they are shaping tomorrow’s world.

CEO Forum

The “digital transformation” of companies large and small has rewritten the playbook in sectors from finance to retail. In these sessions we’ll hear from top CEOs as we consider the tools, methods, and approaches to successfully lead change at large, complex organizations. Our discussions will cover how to partner with startups to spur innovation; the benefits of a successful open innovation strategy; and the importance of communication to change company culture.


The African continent has been transformed by tech  – and it’s only the beginning. Africa-based startups have seen their funding increase nearly tenfold since 2012, according to a Partech Ventures study. And it won’t be long until these and other African startups, powered by “frugal innovation” and new business models, make their presence felt around the world.  For the second year running, VivaTech looks beyond the buzz to focus on the challenges and opportunities for Africa’s entrepreneurs, investors, startups, and dynamic support structures. With country pavilions and more than 100 of the most promising African startups in attendance, our discussions will reveal opinions and insights from the government and private-sector leaders working to steer Africa forward into the fourth industrial revolution.

Future Tech

What are the tech innovations that will take off in the next 50 years and that you haven’t heard of? The space race is back on, with China at the head of the pack, while here on Earth we’re furrowing our brows over flying cars, quantum computing, CRISPR and synthetic biology. Will blockchain technology live up to its promise of decentralizing systems and networks? Which AI models should we embrace to ensure everyone can benefit? Maybe “predictive tech” (data mining, neural networks) can help us grasp what’s trending and what’s slated for tomorrow’s slag heap. Or maybe we’ll just sit back and watch “Black Mirror” to fuel our collective anxiety while we do our best to turn the future around.

CMO Forum

The Internet continues to up-end the advertising industry as we’ve always known it. Global online advertising surpassed TV advertising by USD 40 billion in 2018, which means 40 percent of the world’s ad spending happened online. And one way or another, many of those dollars are filling the coffers of Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Google. Yet even with precision targeting and reams of data, truly reaching people with effective advertising is not easy. The CMO Forum will bring together leading marketing executives, advertisers, platform owners, and agencies to discuss how to break through the noise of the rapidly changing media landscape. Sessions will focus on emerging formats (podcasts, social media video stories, voice-user interface…); the fake news conundrum; the post-GDPR outlook for data privacy; how to keep creativity alive in the age of the algorithm; and more.



CleanTech to reverse climate change and tackle maritime plastic pollution; AI to preserve and restore ecosystems; blockchain to leverage social impact… Tech4Good, a pillar of Viva Technology since the beginning, looks at the ways technology can be a positive force for the economy, for society and for humanity, with a dedicated track of keynote and panel sessions. Running throughout the three days of Viva Technology, this track explores two thematic streams to make our planet and society great again, while presenting concrete solutions to ensure real takeaways for individual consumers.

Startup Life

Start-up life can be tough and, more often than not, founders can use a helping hand. This track of sessions are geared for solving common problems faced by young companies.  Expect a lot more than theory in these sessions. Experienced founders clue us in to refining a killer idea, crafting a go-to-market strategy, hiring a team, assessing competition — all to help us avoid the major pitfalls of starting our startup. A VC Summit featuring prominent venture capitalists and an Accelerator Summit that can help you turn your idea into a real company will complete this series of discussions.

Agree to Disagree

Will humans lose the upper hand to AI? Should Earth-dwellers cut bait and migrate to Mars? Are cryptocurrencies a Ponzi Scheme? Has China already become the world’s preeminent superpower? This series of passionate debates seeks to promote understanding in an engaging, provocative way. The audience will be polled before and after each debate to see how many views were swayed one way or the other.

United Tech of Europe

With an extensive talent pool, governmental support and a growing spirit of innovation, the European tech industry is expanding at a rapid pace. At the same time, the EU lags far behind the US and China  tech juggernauts as far as the size of companies or investments in AI and emerging technologies. And the European picture becomes even murkier if we factor in Brexit and the rise of nationalist and populist sentiments across the continent. VivaTech 2019 strides into the fray with United Tech of Europe, a dedicated track that sheds light on how the European tech scene rates alongside tech industries abroad; and what is being done to create and promote more European unicorns, as we explore the hottest topics and answer questions regarding Europe’s burgeoning tech sector.

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