2024 Themes

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI is revolutionizing industries, transforming creativity, and redefining daily efficiency. We delve into its ethical frameworks and tangible benefits.

  • Climate Tech

    Climate Tech

    Harnessing tech for resilient ecosystems as well as regenerative practices to ensure food security in a rapidly changing world.

  • Mobility


    VivaTech takes the pulse of smart mobility, examining what works and what doesn’t in the fields of transportation, accessibility, and TravelTech.

  • Deeptech


    From brain-computer interfaces to new advances in quantum computing, these technologies are reshaping and extending human capabilities in unprecedented ways.

  • Country of the Year

    Country of the Year

    At VivaTech's 8th edition, Japan is celebrated as Country of the Year, showcasing its disruptive innovations and global tech leadership.

  • Business


    VivaTech is where business meets innovation. Network with startups, major corporations, and leaders in tech to accelerate your business.

  • Future Societies

    Future Societies

    Join us as we explore the transformations underway in the education and professional spheres, and what they mean for the future of work.

  • Internet & Democracy

    Internet & Democracy

    This year, over 2 billion voters are heading to the polls in 50 countries. We will be going beyond the risks of cyber attacks and misinformation to look at the role of technology in fostering dialogue and building meaningful connections.

  • Creators' Economy

    Creators' Economy

    From gaming and virtual reality, to music and entertainment, we dive into one of the most exciting ecosystems in tech.

  • Gaming & Esports

    Gaming & Esports

    The world's largest entertainment sector offers thrilling tech and creative prospects, engaging a vast community of over 3 billion players worldwide.