In the wake of the global Covid-19 pandemic, we’re not just expecting more technology; we’re expecting more from technology. Tech4Good demonstrates the many ways tech can ignite positive change.

In 2021 Tech4Good is one of the five major highlights of VivaTech, as we redouble our efforts on behalf of digital inclusion, climate action, data democracy, and gender parity.

Tech4Good Talks

Two program tracks highlight how technology can be an accelerator of positive impact: Tech for the Environment will examine green energy alternatives, new directions for mobility, and a wide range of innovations that promise to help us take better care of our planet.
Tech for Society will look at how tech can help supply efficient, affordable services to populations around the world, even to those often left behind. We’ll provide a sounding board to address how to increase diversity and inclusion and protect privacy while safeguarding the world’s democratic political systems and institutions.

Awards & Ceremonies

VivaTech and its partners organize startup Challenges and awards to identify the most promising high-impact startups that have concrete solutions to address either a business, environmental or societal issue.

- Female Founder Challenge:
Partnering with 50 inTech, this Challenge aims to facilitate VC-startup meetings to accelerate the financing of women-led startups.

- Next Unicorn Awards:
The Next Unicorn Awards seeks to reward fast-growing scaleups that have the potential to become Unicorns over the next few years.

- #PoweredByTweets:
Twitter France hosts a competition aimed at advertising and design agencies to generate creative ideas for the betterment of our world.

- Next Startupper Challenge:
Our inter-school and university competition promotes impact entrepreneurship among young people through a pitch contest and meetings with professionals.
Tech4Good Innovations for the Future
VivaTech projects you into a desirable future in which you discover, experience and experiment with cutting-edge sustainable tech innovations: decarbonized energy solutions, next-gen green and affordable vehicles, a mobile e-health station accessible for everyone, exoskeletons facilitating mobility for paraplegics, and much more.
Do Business for Good at VivaTech
VivaTech and our partners give you the keys to initiate your own societal transformation. Workshops, training, interactive talks (Leader Insights), meeting spaces, dedicated lounges – this is where you can meet high-impact entrepreneurs, learn more about a startup solution, or gain a deeper understanding of global issues.
Networking Events
Tech4Good is something we’re committed to beyond the four days of VivaTech. We’ll be organizing key moments during the whole week before VivaTech and through the year. Meet like-minded people, hear inspirational talks, see all the ways you can make a difference and ignite positive change.

The Tech For Good Summit

The Tech for Good Summit, an initiative of French President Emmanuel Macron launched on the eve of VivaTech 2018, brings together multi-stakeholder groups for five program tracks: Tech for Education, Future of Work, Tech for Diversity, Tech for Economic Inclusiveness and Tech for the Environment. On June 16, the groups will unveil their commitments and concrete actions to address the new challenges brought by the Covid-19 crisis, starting with the Tech for Good Call signed by more than 75 tech leaders in recognition of their social, and environmental impacts.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This year, we are intensifying our actions to minimize negative environmental impact and to maximize social and economic inclusiveness, bringing on board our suppliers, partners and visitors. The VivaTech Pact, a multi-partner CSR commitment charter, specifies the commitments of the stakeholders. Number one on the agenda is supporting a forest conservation project in Guatemala, with ClimateSeed, to account for our carbon footprint. Join VivaTech's efforts towards carbon neutrality, and take part in a responsible event!

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