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You’ve heard about the global shortage of tech talent? It’s a big deal for recruiters and HR departments working to fill the gap. VivaTech rises to the challenge with initiatives designed to match prospective employees with the buisnesses who need them.

Talent Connect

Talent Connect is a recruitment platform consisting of a new updated Job Board on which our partners post their offers for millenials and an online test, the Digital Room, which enables candidates to evaluate their digital skills and recruiters to access a pool of qualified digital profiles.
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Job Board
Our next-generation online platform enables VivaTech partner companies to post job vacancies suited to the next generation of talent. You are invited to check Talent Connect listings for developers, UX designers, sales reps, etc.
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Digital Room
Want to know if you have the skills to land your dream job in the digital economy? The Digital Room is where you can test your DQ (digital quotient), assess your digital fluency, and boost your digital confidence.

Talent Center

Talent Center is the physical embodiment of Talent Connect: a resource area in the heart of the Better Life Avenue designed to host recruitment interviews, coaching sessions, online tests for all profiles and a conference program dedicated to career guidance.
Sessions and small-group workshops. Sample topics: Surviving the first round of job interviews, new career paths (ESports, EdTech…), thriving in the gig economy, succeeding as an intrapreneur, etc.
Q&A sessions and one-to-one conversations with top-level experts.
Come along and meet coaches from all kinds of backgrounds, from Youtubers to CEOs of major companies! Get inspired to boost your career!
After candidates have been vetted by the Talent Connect jobs platform they can schedule an appointment and meet recruiters and potential employers face-to-face.
Does your CV need a tune-up? Wondering how to make a video pitch? Everything job-seekers need to boost their employee profile can be found right here.
A dedicated meeting area for informal discussions, impromptu workshops, post-pitch debriefs and speed-networking.

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