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  1. #AI#Robots#Vr

    Take a mind-blowing journey through the Hall of Tech

    Are you the kind of person who sees with their hands? Then don’t miss VivaTech’s Hall of Tech.

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  2. #2050

    Top speakers predict the future of tech, business, and wider society. Remember, you heard it here first!

    Know where the world is going with VivaTech’s inspirational, imaginative, insightful sessions. Full program here.

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  3. #startupacademy

    Make your first step toward living the entrepreneurial dream

    Got a great idea? Be inspired by VivaTech to start your own company, fund it, and grow it.

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  4. #positiveimpact

    With great power comes great responsibility

    Innovation should always change the world for the better. Find out at VivaTech what that means for startups.

  5. #peoplematter

    Find your dream job at VivaTech

    If you’re dreaming of a career in tech, be at VivaTech and meet sector leaders and startups looking for their next talent.