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Six major themes for 2022 in the spotlight

VivaTech features many important new trends at the forefront of tech news during the four days of the event. This year, six major themes will be covered:

  • Race to Net Zero Emissions
  • Mobility Rebound
  • Future of Work
  • Inclusion is a Mindset
  • Web3 & Metavers
  • European scaleups 

The report released by the IPCC in April gives us three years to reach zero carbon emissions, rethink our economic models and reverse the process through clean energy. Tech can provide the solutions to solve this challenge and it must do so quickly.

Directly linked to the Race to net zero emissions, mobility is a target sector for environmental action. In 2020 and 2021, we have seen a drastic reduction in travel around the world, both business and tourism. This sector has clearly taken an important and still very much innovative turn.

Job skills and talent is the key topic for most VivaTech participants. Beyond being a simple tool, Tech has clearly changed the way work is done in a sustainable way. 

Whether it is gender, geographical or social diversity, the new generations are bringing a new vision, new standards and new expectations. It is essential to ensure that new technologies take into account the greatest number of people.

Each year, VivaTech puts the spotlight on emerging technologies. From Web3 to decentralisation, from quantum to metaverse, these new tech trends that will change our lives tomorrow will be decoded at VivaTech.

The pandemic has made us aware of the prevailing interdependence between nations. Europe must assert its values and models, the European startup scene is bubbling and creative. At VivaTech we will welcome some of the most promising European scaleups.