2024 Sessions

Private vs. Public Language Models: Crafting a Unified Approach
AI acceleration and cost efficiency in deploying models at scale
An introduction to artificial Intelligence in Africa
Making GenAI operational in a secure way: from concept to industrialisation
Presentation of Energy Solutions opportunies and jobs to students
Digital InPulse Alumni Startup Pitch Session: #GreenTech
The Era of Quantum Utility
The Era of Quantum Utility
The Pickup x Plein Centre multi-service locker in the spotlight
Meta AI Startup Program: meet the startups.
IC Taiwan Grand Challenge 2024
Deeptech startup /R&D partnerships : the power of public research to drive innov
Digital and AI’s Impact on R&D
Icebreaker: The Start-Ups rendez-vous
LVMH Innovation Award
Welcome Word - Relationship at the core
Cloud vs Console: The Future of Gaming Platforms
Can AI Help Us Speed Up the Energy Transition?
Airudi's AI-HR expertise
How can data and AI accelerate ESG transformation ?
Ecosystem Presentation : The growth of Maghreb’s ITC and innovation sector
CleanMob Pitch 🚀
London and Partners: La Sauce Secrète - Behind the secret of Open Innovation
BYD presentation
Hyper-Connected Future: Challenges and opportunities in consumer electronics
GreenTech Innovation 2024 promotion reveal by the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion
Pitch session - Spotr
Drones and AI on power transmission lines
Every Interaction Counts: Building the Future of Relational Marketing, From Consumer to Human Capital
Founders Discussion - How to Pitch the Press ?
French-German Tech Battle
French State - Digital identity
The Upply platform or industrial efficiency
Revolutionizing Asset Maintenance with AI-Powered Visual Inspection
Amplify access to dermatology with Spotscan+
Climate Deep Tech Innovation - how start-up invents the future now
LVMH Innovation Award Ceremony
AI governance for enterprises to adopt and scale AI confidently
Revolutionizing Content Creation with AI in Audiovisual Productions
Data driven commercial efficiency 
Deep-dive on the Paris Region AI Program !
Responsible AI @Sanofi : Innovation with heart
U1st Experience
Founder’s Story: Unexpected Journeys
Come and test AI that recognizes waste
Pitchs sessions sportech - Pushing the limits
A digital twin for an efficient flexibility, optimal control and decarbonisation
Madrid, the place to scale up your startup
Engage your Digital Transformation through Connected Experience
The role of technology to accelerate sustainability ambitions and impact
NepTech Pitch 🚀
The Transformative Role of ESG in LP-VC Relationships
Patterns CO2, The detector of carbon footprints for all types of mobility
The role of resource-efficient battery : How to treat batteries as commodity
Innovate to make the difference abroad !
Collaborate with innovation ecosystem: ENGIE’s successful partnerships
Brand Impact: Forging Lasting Relationships
AI and Me: How to Support Employees in Embracing Artificial Intelligence?
Persona Generator : Generative AI in the banking industry
Italy and France: what is similar and what is different
The Future of Procurement is Here: Introducing Tally, Your AI Co-Pilot
Responsible Skin Technology: For Beauty With No Animal Testing
Proof of the majority, proof of Docapost's agility
Net zero carbon is everyone’s responsibility!
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
Plug Inn For Business: The private charging stations network
Insects, a high-potential industry in Centre-Val de Loire!
Focus on AI use cases for a public authority
How AI practitioners face the challenges of responsible AI ?
Creative Crossroads: New Stories vs Iconic IPs in Gaming and Beyond
Right Time, Right Strategy: How to Grow Successfully
Audi Q6 e-tron experience
The future of travel and hospitality in the GenAI era
Battery Innovation in France and Germany: How collaboration propels innovation ?
Advancing Mobility Together: How Siemens & Tended partnership enhance safety and keeps trains moving
Trusted Cloud landscape & opportunities
Large Language Models for mRNA vaccines design
Pitch sessions sportech - Virtual Sport
Optimize energetic renovations
Can technology be used to support the energy transition ?
Splitting Atoms: Should We Go Nuclear?
Insights on the Potential of Japan's Startup Ecosystem from a VC Perspective
Leveraging GenAI to improve guests experience : opportunities & challenges
RP4PL : AI Solution for Industrial Reliability Prediction
BNP Paribas Solar Impulse Venture Fund
Landing in Global West Midlands: The Tech That Makes Tomorrow Work
BYD presentation
Tech demos - Tech for a sustainable future
Cybersecurity : Challenges and Best Practices
Flexibility and Mobility
Funding your deep tech company to scale up in the European Union
Cracking the Code: Harnessing AI and Predictive Technology to Deepen Customer Relationships
French State Startups - Developing agile and high-impact digital services
Electric Vehicles: New Era of Smarter, Better, (Ultra)Faster, Stronger Chargers
Generative AI Experiences @ Sports and Entertainment
Winners of the 10th French IoT competition announced
The fastest way to create trusted data
Enabling companies to enter new markets effortlessly
AI-Based Novel Screening Solution for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Enabled by AI, driven by culture, how is luxury evolving in our near future ?
Agriculture, climate, territory : vertical farming, solution for the future.
Treatment and valorization of unsold food through biotechnologies.
Reflective Paint & Cool Roofing : Powering the Green Revolution in Building Energ
Start-up Zone
Telcos at the Heart of a Connected and Responsible Ecosystem
Meet our talents
Unlocking the potential of batteries with ACCURE's Predictive Battery Analytics
Book signing session with Delphine Remy-Boutang
Madrid region : research and innovation policies. impact and success stories.
Can AI make urban environments more pleasant places to live ?
How might organizations leverage AI to create efficiencies in their workflows
The AI4IDF program in Paris Region
Fusion Energy: From Promise to Powerhouse?
Finders, Keepers: Identifying & Retaining the Best Talent
Sailing towards a greener future: the decarbonization of maritime transport
Pitch Contest - Sustainable Energy Solutions
Building Tomorrow Together: How Siemens, ROSI, and LATITUDE's Ecosystem Sparks Groundbreaking Innovations
Mobile Networks in the AI Age
Bio-Batteries & Beyond: Paving the Way to a Resilient and Durable Energy Future
The Next Wave of Content Creation: AI-Powered VFX
Building stronger health systems in Africa through technology
Decarbonization - Measure to be sure
Envisioning The Mobility Of Tomorrow With Wired
What future is mobility heading towards?
Exclusive Launch - Challenge for road safety by Antoine Alléno Foundation
Pitch session - Sweetch Energy
"Mon Pilotage Elec" an ENGIE solution to manage your heating consumption
Customer 360 Unleashed: Elevating CX, Loyalty, and Digital Engagement with Customer Identity
French State - Innovative programs to attract and retain tech professionals
Le Parisien: DATA & AI, innovation at the service of our readers
Sirius Next: real-time optimized train driving
Huawei TECH4ALL: Driving Inclusion and Sustainability with Technology
Students, power your future in tech with free credential, courses and more !
Pitching Sessions #3: MediaTech, FinTech, Fashion&Design Tech
L'Oréal Paris Beauty Genius: Your First Personal Beauty Assistant
AI : Bridging the gap between marketers’ & consumers digital expectations
The rise of parametric insurance 
« Le Centre Val de Loire, The Place To Grow ! »
Unlock your business with no-code
Clinical Trials Optimisation
Pitch My Global Village - SPORTECH
Madrid - Land of soonicorns
How can tehcnology facilitate new ways of getting around?
The power of smart EVs : a terawatt-scale opportunity
AI for Security in Paris Orly
What Happens When the Pixel Becomes the Pigment?
Green Metropolis: Shaping Climate-Smart Cities
The New Paradigm of Creativity and Digital Experiences
A zoom on South Africa's medtech and innovation landscape
BYD presentation
Transforming emergency medicine: the augmented doctor powered by AI
Beyond screens, a glimpse into the future of E-commerce with Spatial Advisor
Digital, IT & AI: Job Opportunities and People development at ENGIE
Engaging audiences, sustainably
Founder Story - From Setbacks to Success. How to get fired and create a $100M company.
Light in the grant jungle – Funding schemes for Start-ups with success stories
klein • wenner Challenge, in cooperation with DFH
Eco-solidary revaluation of the COSMO 1 equipment fleet
Gen AI helps analysing complex documents like ESG and scientifics reports
KPMG Icom showcases Salesforce AI at top insurer
Startups Finalists - Omnichannel & Retail Category
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
Investors Reverse Pitch
Optimize the energy renovation of your home with EnergySage.fr
AI : The collaborative ethical approach of a public actor in health sector
Pitch Zone
Building circular solutions in waste through innovation
Partnerships between La Poste Groupe, Pôle des Microtechniques and French Tech
Meet&Speak : Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak: Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak: Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak : Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak: Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak: Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak : Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak : Empowering Startups
Meet&Speak: Empowering Startups
The Case Against Luxury Slowdown
Melody and Machine: AI’s New Tune in Music Creation
Gender equality in tech jobs : from intention to action
How AI is changing the way DNA and RNA therapies are developed
Core : Your Secure AI-powered Team's Productivity Tool
Private Data Annotation To Build Your Enterprise AI Solutions
Tech demos - Workplace.ai
AI as biased as humans : how companies tackle such a risk ?
The Utiq Manifesto: driving change towards a more responsible and trusted digital industry.
French State - Design and accessibility
My e.Carbon : calculating and reducing the digital carbon footprint of employees
How LVMH is approaching Generative AI to make a difference?
Leverage Returns for Improved Customer Experience
Real vs Hype: Exploring the world’s emerging tech​
Discover Paris Region impact incubator : LE PERQO
Decoding the Future of Creator Ecosystems: Connection, Creation and Technology
More than a Model: The Gen AI Essentials for Business Innovation
Bearing Talk : Conferences & Networking - CSRD, Gen AI, and Innovative solutions
Is the “One-Person Billion-Dollar Company” our Future of Work ?
Weaving a Brighter Future Through a Test Course for Mobility in Japan
How can new technologies revolutionize waste management in the retail sector?
How to leverage ESG reporting using the Salesforce Net Zero Cloud platform?
Revolutionizing Retail: Elevating Customer Experience With Video commerce
The Role of Corporate Venture Capital in Clean Tech acceleration
RTO/VC alliance : an impactful alliance towards deeptech scaleups
French State - Creators' economy
Huawei Digital InPulse x VivaTech Challenge: Auditions
Signbot - A conversational tool in sign language
When Luxury Meets Virtuality: unreal digital craft makes dreams come true
LLAMA WORKSHOPS Meta Llama Trust and Safety Overview
Try best-in-class skincare AI for beauty
Generative AI platform to supercharge personalized content for work
PwC AI jobs barometer - 'A workforce transformed'
Augmented Reality Experience
AI and The Future of Commerce
Pitch sessions sportech - Performance
Prompting for business performance with Claude on Amazon Bedrock
How to leverage on public fundings to boost your AI projects
Digital Twins and GenAI: futur of content production
The resurgence of manufacturing: Reindustrialization strategies in Europe and US
What’s Next For GenAI and Where Europe Can Lead
The future of work
Wise-Integration Pitch 🚀
Bouygues and Solar Impulse Foundation
French State - Dematerialization/simplification
Governing AI Risks: Reputational, Operational and Regulatory Risks
Meet LVMH's champions of innovation:exclusive insights from Bambuser, Toshi, SYW
Zelros - The Insurance Copilot™
Pitch My Global Village - BUSINESS
Trusted AI - An opportunity for French and German Startups
AI & Energy: The New Power Couple
Welcome Word - Platforms & Products
A Startup's Journey at LVMH
GIZ SAIS Female Founders Award
Quantum computing is ready for its close up
Meet with our expert - Thomas Huaut
IT & AI solutions shaped by humans for humans
Drug Discovery Industry Is Adopting Generative AI
Audi Q6 e-tron experience
Signature of the Open Startup Tunisia (OST) and Bpifrance partnership
West Midlands & London: Supporting UK Innovation with the Grow Global Programme
Energy transition : when innovation opens new opportunities
From the laboratory to the factory: the challenges of scaling up ?
Tech demos - The world of tomorrow is robot !
Pitch session - Yxir
Funding your deep tech company to scale up in the European Union
Exclusive Firechat - Amazon
Meet with our expert - Virginie Lefebvre-dutilleul
Meet with our expert - Sylvain Canu
French State - Digital sovereign tools
The digitalization of the signaling system on the French network is accelerating
Introduction to Hyundai Motor Group's Open Innovation Platform
AI Governance: Unlocking Innovation in Finance
Fireside Chat: Exit Strategies for VCs
How techs and fintechs help organizations make the transition to sustainability
La Poste Groupe's innovation strategy
#Learning: boost your AI knowledge
Pitchs Start-up
Students AND Entrepreneurs: meet the winners of Paris Region Pépite programme
The GenAI Effect: Faster reporting for manufacturing & supply
Virtual Reality Experience
From Trucks to Taxis: Unlocking Driverless Mobility
What Is the Right Cybersecurity Strategy in the Age of AI?
Scaling Into New Markets: A How-To
Unlocking Power for Good
Dive into water networks
Plant 4.0 Initiative : Flyability
Book signing session with Fatie Toko
Book signing session with Tatiana Jama
Data for media: LVMH performance in the service of dream brands
Arval Mobility Hub: Can A Cyclist And A Driver Fall In Love?
Henera supports start-ups working on transition to a CO2-neutral future.
Pitch Contest - AI Solutions and Sevices
What Does Democratic Tech Look Like?
Plant 4.0 Initiative : Lunaar
How we make it in Nigeria : Startups and ecosystem leaders.
Can technology make urban environments more resilient?
Rebuilding legacy application through AI in a week
Tech demos - Tech for health
Reduce the gender gap with collaborative work between companies and nonprofit or
Meet with our expert - Philippe Canonne
Founders Discussion - Raising Money: The Do's & Don'ts From an Entrepreneur and Investor
French State AI strategy and private-sector partnerships
How generative AI has already revolutionised their profession?
Augmented Controler with IA and Generative IA
Is sustainable AI doable for companies ?
CREAITECH LAB: Custom Brand Model - Kerastase
Wizaly x DIOR: An AI & Data-Powered Customer Journey
AI to boost your customer engagement
African start-ups: rising stars
#For Good Connexion
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
Brand Cockpit : Augmenting creative teams with ethical Generative AI
Gender Equality in Financing Tech
Discover the AI PACK, the first complete AI support package for SMEs and SMIs
Smart Tracks: Leading the Charge in Rail Digitalization
Future Proofed Product : Are your products resilient to our finite world?
AI Safety and Democratic Governance (remote)
Plant 4.0 Initiative : ASTRIIS
Scaling Generative AI intro the Enterprise
Everyone is talking about AI, but who really understands what it is?
A Journey to Multi-Product Success
The GP's Blueprint: Raising (and Closing) a Fund in 2024
Elevating Luxury: The Louis Vuitton VIA program reinforcing Brand Desirability
Efficiency, Better Planet: How AI can change pharma production for good
How AI enables high-quality, personalized healthcare for all
Taking Calculated Risks: How to Build a Social-First Brand
Pitch Contest INPI in partnership with French Tech Tremplin
New Automobiles: Do Electric Vehicles Make Sense for Everyone?
Beyond E-Vehicles, Building Up An Ecosystem To Sustain Corporate & Clients’ Ener
Cybersecurity: Do not leave any French SME without a suitable cyber protection
BYD presentation
Identity verification in the digital era: balancing simplicity and security
Meet with our expert - Herve De la Chapelle
How to Successfully Transforming a Theater into an Olympic Swimming Pool?
Discover a sustainable sovereign storage service at the best / lowest cost
Scaling up a community business
DeepTech / Semiconductor Cleantech / Climate Tech
The role of AI for middle market companies' transformation
Detecting Fake Retouched Videos of People
Driving digital Sustainability through strong partnerships
EKOO Audio Business Platform
Revolutionizing Retail: Unleashing Creative Potential with GenAI for Visual Merc
Store-to-store transfers: Next level of your inventory optimization
Skin in the Luxury Game - The gold rush of luxury brands in the gaming space
Territory Services Simulation
What the Future of Commerce Holds
Building circular solutions in water through innovation
Panel Swiss and French athletes
Plant 4.0 Initiative : Startups Pitch Event with Impulse Partners
Collabs between Corporates and Startups: dialogue with Top Level executives
Trustworthy AI: a strategic edge for Financial Services
Performe: Manage the individual performance of football players
Build the future with VivaTech Partners - Moving to New Era of AI-Powered Data & Analytics with Tableau AI & Salesforce
Plant 4.0 Initiative : fluiidd
How to Create a Climate Tech Startup Inside a Large Corporate
Pitch Contest - Data Solutions
Byeblues, the connected nightlight for a better night's sleep
Diversidays I&D awards
Polarization or Conversation: Can We Still Fix Social Networks?
Leveraging Generative AI for operational performance and experience
Quatre février
Japan Luxury CX Innovation by LVMH: LINE, Louis Vuitton & Parfums Christian Dior
Apply to exhibit at the CES in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January 2025
Souviens toi de ...
How Tech Transforms Finance and Banking
Plant 4.0 Initiative : Fastpoint
Unleashing Gen AI for the automotive industry
An introduction to the Corporate Venturing Framework
Planning Paris 2024: an inside look at OnePlan's GiS & Digital Twin Software
Derisking technology: 10 years of CNRS support for deeptech projects
Cybersecurity : Challenges and Best Practices
Pitch session - Exaion
Founders Discussion - Recruiting Your First Employees When You're Not a Sexy Unicorn
Sovereign AI for Healthcare
Strategies for Financing Climate-Focused Deeptech/Hardware Startups
Building agile creative in the native language of Reels.
Hydrogen: getting experimentation off the ground?
Uncover the secrets behind Hello Casto, Castorama’s first virtual sales advisor
Accelerate your innovative Agri/Agro projects with GEORGIA
Igniting Success: Exploring the Impact of the US Market on Tech Innovation
Right Place, Right Person: Marketing Mix for optimized patient engagement
Tournament Street Racket
Book signing session with Enrique Martinez
How Is Mission-Driven Investing Helping Us Tackle Global Challenges?
In the Mind of an Entrepreneur : How Do Leaders Make Decisions ?
Plant 4.0 Initiative
How can AI contribute to the environmental transition?
Sonepar, A transformation story in a digital world
KPMG & ServiceNow : People and artificial intelligence on an enterprise platform
La Poste's #FemmesduNumérique national “Coup de cœur” award ceremony
European Markets, Central Banks & What Tech Brings to the Table
Elections & Algorithms: Trust or Trepidation?
Connecting AfricanTech & French Tech Ecosystems
Benefit from credit collection's user experience to improve cash management
AI in the workplace: how our jobs and skills are evolving
The French Sports economy : a golden opportunity for investment funds !
British Embassy in Paris : Deputy Ambassador's Networking Reception
BYD presentation
GenAI: application to the generation of job descriptions for France Travail
Exclusive guided immersive tour of the French Pavilion at the Universal Exhibition Osaka 2025
Meet with our expert - Olivier Josephson
Meet with our expert - Florence Esmoingt
Data Spaces : challenges and initiatives
French State - DeepTech
AI : Where Do Decision- Makers stand?
From Concept to Market: How We Began Our Journey in Hong Kong
Digital InPulse Alumni Startup Pitch #SmartCity #Sports #Culture
How Generative AI support Customer Service in logistics
Pitching Sessions #4: Blockchain, AI
AI / IoT
Massification thanks to industrialization and off-site
Manufacturing & supply chain powered by data
Reels School: how to create captivating Reels!
PEUGEOT designs the future of driving pleasure with Hypersquare
Energy demand management
Climate change and agricultural sustainability: the digital solutions!
Award Ceremony of the challenge "CAP AU SUD"
Your factory is smart, but is it climate-proof ?
Pitch Contest Portugal 2024
Women students AND Tech entrepreneurs: meet 3 startups supported by Paris Region
Strategic AI: Where to Draw the Line in Automation for Future of Work
Female Founder Challenge
3D genAI empowering e-commerce marketing teams to generate high-quality visual
Camunda Powered Business Automation: Compliant Customer Onboarding for Financial Services at Scale
EPO’s Deep Tech Finder Presentation
Big Winner LVMH Innovation Award
Hydrogen: getting experimentation off the ground?
The GenAI Power​ to deliver best-in-class Content Experience ​to Professionals
Pitch several delegation
Is Generative AI Feeding the Fake News Machine?
Thriving On the AI Frontier: Product Strategies for Growth and Innovation
The New York Times Debate: AI Will Reveal the Best of Humanity
IA-Notetaker game changer in the meeting
Accélérateur Sportech Bpifrance
Play and win the VivaRace at VivaTech !
Online Dating for the New Generation of Daters
Pitch session - WaterTech Challenge
Founders Discussion - Breaking into the French Market: What to Expect
European Digital Sovereignty & French-German challenges for Cloud Computing
Artificial Intelligence Assisting SNCF Travelers
DARE Games: Making a Global Impact with Intrapreneurship
PublicisGPT : a trailblazers-led collective journey on Marcel.AI platform
Book signing session with Frédéric Mazzella
Book signing session with Dr Steven Laureys
Complex infrastructures: Transitioning from Supervision to Hypervision
Spatial Computing & AI: Transforming the Customer Experience in E-Commerce (Apple Vision Pro Live Demo)
From Labs to Launch: How CTOs Can Leverage University Partnerships
KPMG & ServiceNow : People and artificial intelligence on an enterprise platform
1st set of NFT Stamps by Artificial Intelligence
Trust & AI
Towards operational excellence: AI at the heart of the business process revoluti
Women in AI: a spot to (re)fill
African Champions : Côte d'Ivoire's Innovation Ecosystem
BYD presentation
The European Union: boosting innovation emerging from public research ?
Tech demos - Future of gaming
Powered by AI: How do AI startups contribute to the energy transition?
French State - Women in Tech
Harmonize ESG with financial growth: true 360° progress
Sports / Entertainment / AR-XR
Is GenAI a she?
Thriving at Work: How Sanofi puts AI at employees’ Fingertips
SPORTS APERO - Fribourg Sports lab
Generation Playlist
How to scale your startup globally – success stories from France and Germany
Fostering European Innovation: A Discussion on Open Collaboration
Exit Strategies In Times of Uncertainty
Growing together: How Siemens and startups boost each other ?
Huawei Digital InPulse x VivaTech Challenge: Award Ceremony
TechPourToutes: feminising digital technology to change the world
Shaping the future of oncology
Start-up: the secrets of a successful fundraising.
Building sustainable and digital native greenfields
Agile in StartUps. All the tips you need to go beyond your limits
Tech demos - Tech for a world carbon free
REMOTE - Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Elon* (*But Were Afraid to Ask)
DGSE 404CTF Challenge Award