Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I register to Viva Technology?

    You may register online.
    Please note that registration on the website and the acquisition of an entrance ticket implies prior acceptance of the Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale.

  • What’s in the Executive Pass?

    The Executive Pass gives you access to:
    -The exhibition floor
    -The conferences
    -The mobile app
    -The matchmaking tool

    Who is considered as an Executive (Company & Institution)?
    Any commercial or non-commercial company, institution, authority or organisation governed by public or private law which does not fall into either the « Startup » or « Investor » category.

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  • What’s in the Investor Pass?

    The Investor Pass gives you access to:
    -The exhibition floor
    -The conferences
    -The mobile app
    -The matchmaking tool
    -Exhibiting startups data
    -The VIP Lounge
    -Conciergerie Service during the event

    Who is considered as an Investor?
    An investor is a legal entity whose company purpose is primarily capital investments in enterprises.

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  • What’s in the Startup Pass?

    The Startup Pass gives you access to:
    -The exhibition floor
    -The conferences
    -The mobile app
    -The matchmaking tool

    Who is considered as a Startup?
    A Startup is a business that has fewer than 200 employees and was created less than 8 years ago.

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  • Do you have special Early Bird offers?

    We offer Super Early Bird offers and Early Bird rates for Startup, Executive and Investor Passes. >>Check our offers online
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  • Do you sell one-day Passes?

    We don’t sell one-day Passes. Your Pass gives you the full VivaTech experience from 24-26 May.

  • Can I cancel my Pass or get a refund?

    No right to withdraw.
    The sale of entrance tickets to professionals and businesses will not give the latter any right to withdraw from their purchase. The sale will therefore be definitive as from the time of payment of the price.
    You may check our Conditions of Sale.

  • Can I transfer my Pass to another person?

    No transfer or exchange will be possible if you are unable to attend the Event. Please note that a valid ID will be asked at the entrance.
    You may check our Conditions of Sale.

  • Can I change the name on my Pass?

    Once you have registered online for a Pass and your payment has been accepted, it is not possible to change the name on the Pass. However, if there is a mistake on your name, you may contact us to change it.
    You can consult our Conditions of Sale.

  • I can't find my Pass! Where is it?

    If you have successfully registered for a VivaTech Pass, it will be sent to you by email a few days prior to the event. In any case, a confirmation email is sent for every online registration.

  • I can’t find my confirmation email!

    We recommend you check your spam folder first. If you have lost your confirmation email you can contact us to be sent a duplicate.

  • Where can I find the invoice for my Pass?

    The link to download your invoice is included in the confirmation email sent to the address you specified when buying online. If someone else has bought the Pass for you, the invoice may have been sent to them. If you have lost your confirmation email, you can contact us.

  • Can VAT be deducted since you are selling within the EU?

    We cannot deduct VAT. The tax legislation in France states that even though we send invoices abroad within EU, the buyer will use the service in France, which is why we have to add VAT to the invoice.

  • Can I access the event by showing a receipt of my Pass purchase?

    You need your actual VivaTech Pass to access the event. If you have forgotten to print or to bring your Pass, you will still be able to print it at the entrance. Please note that you need your ID to attend the event.

  • Do I have to print my Pass to access Viva Technology?

    You need to print your Pass on a full A4 page to access Viva Technology. An ID will be asked at the entrance of the event.

  • Can I print my VivaTech Pass on site?

    We recommend you print your VivaTech Pass beforehand, to avoid queuing at the entrance. However, printers will be available on site.

  • What’s Viva Technology?

    VivaTech is the world’s rendezvous for startups and global leaders to celebrate innovation together. It’s a gathering of the world’s brightest minds, talent, and products.

  • Where does Viva Technology take place?

    Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Hall 1 – Porte L
    1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris, France
    24-26 May 2018
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  • What are the opening hours?

    Visitors opening hours are:
    – Thursday 24 May 2018: From 7:30am to 7pm
    – Friday 25 May 2018: From 8:00am to 7pm
    – Saturday 26 May 2018: From 9am to 6pm
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  • How do I get to Viva Technology?

    VivaTech is located at;
    Paris Expo Porte de Versailles – Hall 1 – Porte L
    1 Place de la Porte de Versailles, 75015 Paris, France

    Local transport:
    > Underground 12
    > Tramway T2; T3a
    > Bus 39; 80
    > Bicycle Velib (Velib is a bike sharing by the Paris Town Hall)
    There are three stations nearby:
    > Vélib station n°15049 – 2 Rue Ernest Renan
    > Vélib station n°15107 – 42, Boulevard Victor
    > Vélib station n°15061 – 12, Square Desnouettes
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  • Is there an agenda of the full program available?

    The detailed agenda is available on the website and on the VivaTech App (login available for those who are registered).
    You can follow us on our website and on social media.
    You can also subscribe to our newsletter.
    You will discover our speakers and our sessions, our partners, the startups and the investors who will be present during the event. The lists will be uploaded regularly week after week.

  • What is the official language of the event?

    All of our sessions on Thursday 24th and Friday 25th will be in English, as all the presentations. There is no translation for the sessions.
    The official language on Saturday 26th is French.

  • What if I am disabled and I need to access in a wheelchair?

    Viva Technology is fully accessible for wheelchair users. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other specific needs.

  • I need a Visa to attend Viva Technology, can you send me a letter invitation for a visa?

    Should you need a letter invitation for your visa, please send us an email at, and indicate the first name, last name and email address used for your online registration.

  • Can I obtain the list of all Viva Technology exhibitors, speakers, startups or media partners?

    We do not give our list of exhibitors. A list of our partners, speakers, startups and media partners is available on our website. The lists are uploaded regularly week after week. The lists of speakers, startups and exhibitors will also be available on our app.

  • What are the programs for startups?


    Several of our industry leading partners are hosting several sector specific Labs to showcase the most cutting edge startups that have been selected through startups challenges on our platform ( Booths within Labs are awarded to selected startups for free. Each Lab and Challenge had a specific set of requirements pertaining to the industry, stage of the startup, etc.


    Pitch Contests

    Beyond the labs, our partners are also hosting different Pitch Contests in specific verticals. This is an opportunity to pitch on stage at Viva Technology in front of investors, corporate executives and experts. Startups stand to win a range of prizes sponsored by the hosting partner of each contest. Startups can apply to pitch contests on our platform ( Each Pitch Contest has a specific set of requirements pertaining to the industry, stage of the startup, etc. Pitch contests are spread out across the three days of the conference and across 3 stages concurrently on each day.


    Startup Corner

    If you would like to exhibit at Viva Technology independently, you can purchase a Startup Corner. Please contact Stécie Kifumbi ( for enquiries. She will present you all the different solutions we offer on Vivatech 2018.

  • Are there meeting spaces in Vivatech?

    No but there are cafes and restaurants in the area if you would like to schedule meetings during the conference.  Nonetheless, if you are a company and you would like to rent a meeting room, you can contact Stécie Kifumbi (

  • How can I meet investors?

    With a startup pass, you have access on the VivaTech App to the directory of investors who are attending Viva Tech 2018. You may reach out to these investors indepently to arrange meetings. Alternatively, investors who have Office Hours can reach out to you to request a meeting during the conference.

  • How can I exhibit at VivaTechnology 2018?

    Startups can purchase a Startup Corner. Please contact Stécie Kifumbi ( for enquiries.

  • I have been selected by several labs, can I have a booth on each of those labs ?

    No, a startup can only ont booth in one lab. If you have been selected in several labs, you have to pick one and sign the engagement letter with the chosen partner. You will also have to remain on the lab during the indicated days by the partner.

  • What is in a Lab? Details for exhibition booths in a Lab.

    A Lab is a 400sqm space dedicated to each of our Lab Partners, where they will host several  selected startups. Selected startups will be awarded an exhibition booth. The duration of the exhibition (1-3 days) is decided by the partner.

    The layout and configuration of the Lab will be designed by the hosting partner. Startups will get a 4sqm booth. The booth will come with a printed sign board with the company name and logo only.

    Startups are not allowed to display roll up banners within the booth.

    Startups are allowed to bring flyers and handouts.

    For product / hardware startups, product prototypes are allowed, however please check with the coordinator of the Lab if it meets size restrictions.

    For startups that require additional hardware such as displays screens, LAN outlet, power outlets, power extension cords, etc., please check with the Lab coordinator or on the startup exhibitor platform.

  • What do I get with a booth ?

    • 4 free startup passes for 3 days.
    • Booth of 4 sqms
    • Printed Sign board with company name and logo
  • What happens when I am selected?

    1. You will receive an engagement letter to fill out and sign to confirm your participation. You will need to send this back to
    2. You will receive an exhibitor guide and ID and Password to connect to the startup exhibitor platform which you can access at this link:
    3. You will need to complete the form for your sign board
    4. You will need to assign the 4 passes to attendees, do note that passes cannot be transferred once they are assigned to someone
    5. Validate and verify all information because it cannot be changed
    6. Prepare your namecards, flyers, handouts, prototypes, refer to display restriction (above).
    7. Show up and have fun!
  • Details about Pitch Contests

    In collaboration with industry leaders, you can be selected to pitch in front of investors and corporate by applying to the picth contests :
    You will be informed if you have been selected to pitch at the end of April.

    Pitch Contests happening over 3 days at Viva Technology 2018.

    Startups can apply to Pitch Contests on our platform
    Each Pitch Contest has a specific set of requirements pertaining to the industry, stage of the startup, etc.

    Startups can apply for as many Pitch Contests as they like.

    Pitch Contest applications will close on 31st march.

    Selection of startups will be done by the hosting partner, only a handful of startups will be selected to exhibit in each Pitch Contest. Results will be released in mid April. Startups will be notified of the outcome by email.

  • What is the format for the pitch? How many rounds of pitching are there?

    Each Pitch Contest is hosted by a partner and organised into 1.5 hour sessions on stage during the conference. Only 5 – 10 startups will be selected to pitch in each Contest.

    The format of the pitch will vary for each Contest, however it will typically be a 5-10 minute pitch and Q&A. There will only be one round of pitching in front of a jury for all Contests. The jury will comprise of investors, corporate executives and industry experts.

  • When will the results of the pitch contests be released? Will there be an award ceremony?

    The jury will deliberate at the end of each Pitch Contest. The results will be announced and the award ceremony will take place immediately after.

  • Can I take part in both a lab and a pitch challenge?

    Yes, a startup can take part in a lab and multiple pitch challenges if selected. The number of passes a startup receives for each track is compiled. For example, if you are selected for a lab and a pitch competition, you will receive 4 passes for the Lab and 2 passes for the Pitch Contest, making that a total of 6 passes that you can assign to any one in your team.

  • I have been selected for a Lab or Pitch Competition, can I request for more free passes or can I have a discount for additional passes?

    No, you will have to buy them on our ticketing platform ( or directly at the entrance of the event.

    There will be no discount for additional passes, however you can look out for flash sales and early bird passes to enjoy a discount. (Flash Sales, Early Bird, etc.)

  • I live abroad, I have been invited to exhibit in a Lab or selected for a Pitch Contest, are the travel expenses included in the package?

    Some hosting partners might sponsor flights as a part of the award package, however otherwise stated, you will have to arrange your own travel.
    You can find out some practical infos here:

  • What are #?

    The only # for the whole event is #VivaTech. Feel free to use it