Positive Impact

VivaTech wants to showcase initiatives and startups that have a positive impact on society and the environment. Discover impactful tech solutions to major global issues such as health, climate or education.

Impact Summit

Technology can be a force for good when applied to the world’s biggest problems like poverty or climate change. A fast broadband connection can link people to new markets. New 3D printing tools can be used to manufacture low-cost housing. Audio-based apps can help visually impaired people to navigate the world independently. Nevertheless we must be vigilant to ensure that tech doesn’t exacerbate inequality.

Impact Summit is a dedicated sessions track on Tech for Good where entrepreneurs, leaders and experts will spotlight some of the most potentially impactful tech that can improve people’s lives.

Positive Impact Challenge

In partnership with Sparknews, VivaTech organizes a Positive Impact Challenge to shed light on outstanding startups having a positive impact on society.

How to better reduce and recycle waste? Which housing solutions exist for a better living? Startups will have three minutes to convince a panel of journalists of how innovative and impactful they are.

Positive Impact Map

In partnership with Sparknews, the Positive Impact Map will reference positive projects, initiatives and startups to visit during the 3 days of the event and an agenda with pitches and conferences on Tech for Good.

Energy, Sustainables Cities, Responsible Consumption…These projects are sources of inspiration that VivaTech wishes to highlight.