Ceci est un titre

Highlight French success stories, show that France is overflowing with talented people who dream of changing the world, or at least their world: that was the inspiration behind the creation of Widoobiz media in 2010.

Eight years and 6,000 interviews later, Widoobiz has become the media platform of choice for the people who inspire the economy. Our journalists can be found travelling the country and the globe in search of innovation, gathering stories, highlighting expertise and identifying trends to help you to be more daring, take action, and share your experiences.

Widoobiz @Viva Technology

Since the birth of Viva Technology, you will have found Widoobiz’s cameras and orange mics in the aisles – follow a selection of conferences with live broadcasts, and learn about the latest startup innovations and testimonials from the ecosystem via its TV studio.

If you enjoy following Widoobiz’s offbeat presentations all over the world, make sure your next stop is at Viva Technology.

Entrepreneurs, startups, intrapreneurs and even athletes can all be found at www.widoobiz.com