Valeo is an automotive supplier and partner to automakers worldwide. As a technology company, we design innovative solutions for smart mobility, with a particular focus on intuitive driving and reducing CO2 emissions.
The automotive industry is being disrupted by three simultaneous revolutions. This is something unique and without precedent and Valeo is right at the heart of these three revolutions:
The engine revolution: from smart engines to electrification
The autonomous car revolution
The digital, connected and shared mobility revolution

Valeo at Viva Technology

Valeo continuously nurtures its start-up spirit. Refusing to centralize innovation, the Group instead harnesses 58 research and development centers around the world, staffed with autonomous teams capable of quickly rolling out useful mobility solutions for end customers worldwide.
For this reason, Valeo has always believed in collaborative innovation and regular, personalized interactions with start-ups. Some encounters, at Viva Technology or elsewhere, culminate in partnerships on innovation projects, others result in the purchase of equity interests or an acquisition, all leading to an enriching experience.
For the third year in a row, Valeo will host the Automotive Tech Lab at Viva Technology. We will welcome start-ups responding to the 3 mobility revolutions challenges: electrification, automated car, digital mobility.