True Africa



TRUE is building the number one digital media company in Africa, TRUE Africa:

TRUE Africa’s vision is to be the leading media technology brand for young Africans all over the world. Our mission is to champion young African voices through new technologies and to connect them globally. According to the Wall Street Journal: “Africa will soon become the world’s most reliable source of new life: of college graduates, young workers and budding consumers.” TRUE Africa represents that future.

TRUE recently secured funding from the Google Digital News Initiative to develop a product which uses semantic analysis and machine learning to analyze a site’s content, and provide concept and asset recommendations to our editors, bloggers and journalists. TRUE Africa is the lead for this innovation, with a standalone product also being developed for the WordPress market–opening up big data and contextual relevance to the masses.

TRUE also helps corporate clients become publishers and reach the growing African market. Our experienced team of journalists, designers and developers create original content and build digital platforms for brands, businesses and institutions. Clients include Unilever, L’Oréal, Pernod Ricard, Suez, and several African governments.




TRUE Africa is partnering with VivaTech for the second consecutive year.

We will be there, in our own corner of the Afric@Tech zone, participating in discussions and conducting live interviews, explaining the many different ways technology is changing the African continent. We will engage with the new African leaders—many of them still in their twenties—who keep demonstrating the power of technology and its ability to completely transform everyday lives.

This year, we are joined by partners Sokkaa, Koosmik (“independent and hassle free mobile wallet”), and MIT Legatum (on the occasion of the Zambezi Prize for Innovation in Financial Inclusion). Come see us in the Afric@Tech zone.