TF1 Group operates and develops five free view channels and several special-interest pay-tv channels as well as their digital offshoots. Since two years, the digital’s transformation of the TF1 Group has been illustrated by several acquisitions like Minute Buzz or the creation of the digital studio « Studio 71 ».

TF1 Group at Viva Technology

TF1 Group has put digital at the heart of his development. Representing the media industry on Viva Technology is an opportunity for TF1 Group to highlight our partnerships with startup ecosystem. We believe that there are great opportunities building collaboration with the start-up ecosystem, especially when it comes to develop new digital services and new businesses.

TF1 Group's collaboration with startups

Since 2015, we also operated an incubation program with start-ups to develop synergies, co-experiment, and explore new business models. This successful collaboration has led TF1 Group to launch in 2018 an accelerator program in Station F with startup offering technological solutions focused on media content. This initiative involves all of TF1’s businesses and has for main goal to create the media future: content production, VOD content distribution, AR & VR, AI, data collect, advertising media, games, etc.