Science & Vie

About Science&Vie

Science&Vie, part of the Mondadori Magazines France group, is one of the most important brands for science lovers and knowledge seekers and France’s most read monthly magazine, with currently 4 384 000 readers.
Science&Vie, presents its readers exclusive content and an unrivalled editorial quality. Following its success, comes Science&Vie Junior,  a magazine specially developed for the 11-17 year olds and currently teens’ favorite in France!
The means to understand the present, explore the world and dream the future, that is Science&Vie’s mission.

Science&Vie at Viva Technology

Science and new technologies have always been a part of Science&Vie.
In this context, Innovez, the contest for young inventors organized by Science&Vie Junior was created, 25 years ago. Young readers send the magazine their inventions and a jury analyzes them and, once a month, awards the most creative one.  The jury encourages the innovation, the creativity and the sustainable development. Thanks to the contest, some of the participants have been able to launch their own start-up or to commercialize their inventions.
The INPI, longstanding partner of the Innovez contest, welcomes some of these young inventors in its stand at Viva Technology.