Centre-Val de Loire is a leading french Region at the heart of our country, and since the Renaissance the cradle of invention, creativity, innovation in all forms.
Following the paths of Leonard de Vinci who lived in the Loire Valley and was altogether a scientist, an artist and a visionary inventor, the Region Centre-Val de Loire supports innovating ideas, researches and companies in an outstanding natural and cultural environment, devoted to quality of life and the art of living “à la française”.

CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE at Viva Technology

For the second time, the Region Centre-Val de Loire has decided to be a major partner of Viva Technology, in order to share its goals and values on our digital future with the world leading actors of the field. We believe that public services are currently reinvented by digital technologies, and that public actors must be first in line on these issues, in order to protect at best the public interest.
VivaTechnology is the opportunity for Region Centre-Val de Loire to challenge start-ups in the fields of Education, Tourism, Health, Transport, Smart cities and living democracy, and to bring together and highlight the regional companies already ahead on these issues.

CENTRE-VAL DE LOIRE's collaboration with startups

Centre-Val de Loire Region is present at VivaTech with a “Govtech” themed Lab dedicated to the digital transformation of public services and territories. This Lab is a key opportunity for public and private actors to debate new practices and innovations for general interest of territories.
World Startup challenges are launched on six different themes: the digital transformation of institutions and services, E-Health, Education technologies, public Transport services, tools for direct democracy and the consultation of citizens, smart heritage and tourism.
Centre-Val de Loire is therefore proud to host state of the art innovating star-ups on its Lab, designing the Future of GovTech.