About PMU

PMU is Europe’s largest betting operator and the 3rd largest pool betting company in the world.
From its creation PMU has been a horse racing betting provider, but since 2010 he also offers sports betting and poker on digital devices.

With almost 10 billion € in stakes in 2017 generated through its 13350 points of sales and online services, PMU is continuously listening to the changing expectations and behavior of its customers to improve user experiences.

PMU has always been at the forefront of innovation. More than ever, PMU is putting innovation and technologies at the heart of its strategy, to develop new products and services designed to improve customer experience.

PMU at Viva Technology

To set its culture of innovation in motion, PMU established an in-house structure dedicated to experimentation and open innovation. With PMU Lab, the world of betting looks into the future to challenge emerging technologies and their integration into existing systems, or to question current practices and their potential for improvement.

As a major partner of the VIVATECH adventure since its beginning, PMU is running the “Gaming, sport and entertainment” Lab, which allows start-ups to get behind projects based on user experience today and in the future, and to connect them with the whole company to invent new services, new offers, and break frontiers ! As a result, the objective of PMU is to put forward its capacity for innovation and, especially to identify those startups – and possible future partners – with the potential to revolutionize the world of gaming.

PMU'S collaboration with startups

PMU’s first foray into the ecosystem of start-ups has enabled the company to share and extend its culture of innovation beyond its internal culture. By opening up such playgrounds, PMU is encouraging new ideas, challenging its own assumptions and injecting into the thought processes a dynamism essential to imagine the future of gaming. Through proposals from startups issued from VIVATECH, PMU Lab monitors experiments with them, and some have led to official partnerships.

Through collaboration with startups and VIVATECH, it is this ambitious, open-minded ethos which makes PMU today an innovative, international business constantly reinventing the experience it offers to punters.