Paris Match

Paris Match Partners with VivaTech

Since 1949, the year the first issue was published, France’s premier news magazine and the fifth largest worldwide (FIPP ranking), all universes combined, has received recognition from the public as well as from professionals. Paris Match quickly became the reference for photojournalism and is always front and center when events are happening, to gather unique eyewitness reports and photograph the instants when history writes its critical pages.
From Hemingway to Joseph Kessel, Delon to Belmondo, Grace Kelly to Catherine Deneuve, from the new generation to opinion leaders, as visionaries in their respective areas of expertise, over the years, they have all entrusted Paris Match with their view of the world.

Paris Match is partnering with VivaTech to be on the cutting edge of a blossoming trend.

One more thought…

As a pioneer among forward-looking magazines and over what will soon be 70 years, Paris Match has developed so many segments where the future is told through those who are exploring it. “Match Avenir,” the new Paris Match section, is one example. But there’s also “Le Rendez-Vous des Grands Aventuriers,” which lets twenty-first century explorers – men and women set on discovery as much as on the human dimension of their adventures – the opportunity to speak out. Finally, “Match Afrique,” a monthly supplement to Paris Match covering the continent of Africa, unlocks today’s talents who will be part of our future.