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Provide our readers an overview of what the future of the companies, culture, innovation, technologies and sciences will be. Maddyness wishes to contribute in the tomorrow economy shaping by fostering French people to undertake and innovate.

Everyday, we give you the essential background to achieve this journey into the unknown.

Maddyness at VivaTech

Actualities, trends analysis, but also practical guide and informed advices, Maddyness, by the diversity of its contents, aims to go further than the media information role by truly taking its readers in their everyday life and future.

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Maddyness' services

Around the media numerous services aggregate : MaddyStudio, MaddyEvent, AzertyJobs…to accompany at best its clients on the innovation value chain. To recruit new talents, to communicate on its innovation politic or to create the event that will make the difference. Each pole developed a singular expertise, today recognized and waiting for you to imagine your next operations.