France Info

About France Info

franceinfo, the French radio station of the “Radio France Group” managed by Vincent Giret, is the overall French global public media service.

With an editorial staff of 160 journalists, franceinfo is proud to focus and to deliver the following two main services: be the best and most reliable source of information in the country while providing simultaneously live coverage of breaking news on its historical radio antenna as well as on the latest social networks and tv channel.

News stories, special live-debates with guests and news-actors, in-depth analysis of events as well as decoding the latest news, happen on our antenna and on the latest social media supports all around the clock, and 365 days a year.

Since 2017, franceinfo is a 100% news global media (radio / TV / web / app / social), operating 24/7, designed by 4 French public bodies: Radio France / France Television / France Media Monde / National Institute for Audiovisual Archives.

franceinfo federates more than 4.5 million listeners each day ; it’s also 103 million visits on any merged media support, and almost 56 million videos seen on all partner platforms. franceinfo is the 2nd news platform on the web.