Décisions durables

An inspiring and committed magazine

The world of innovation is booming and disruptive technologies are emerging from everywhere, reshaping our society.

In this pivotal period, companies and local authorities must anticipate the future transformations and lead the change in key sectors such as electric mobility, renewable energy, efficient building, bio food and health.

To deal with with these changes, actors need, more than ever, an effective intelligence, an imaginative and a forward-looking vision. That is exactly what Decisions durables brings to its readers : a complete immersion in the near future, rich in potential and very exciting.

Décisions durables at Viva Technology

Viva Technology is a top exhibition of innovation, and Décisions durables got involved since the beginning.

Décisions durables honors innovators, startuppers, intrapreneurs and all those who are willing to draw and build a desirable future.

Décisions durables and the startuppers
In each issue, Décisions durables chooses and spotlights the most efficient startups in their field, giving them visibility to a highly qualified audience.