COUP provides a stylish and high tech fleet of eScooters in Paris. The company, subsidiary of Bosch corporation, has been created in 2016 in Berlin. Thanks to its success, the service has been launched in August 2017 in Paris with a fleet of 600 eScooters. COUP now offers 1700 eScooters in Paris and will be implemented in Madrid this summer. The app is super easy to use: users scan their documents and signup. Within 10 minutes, they are ready to go and unlock any COUP eScooter using their smartphone. Life is more efficient with COUP.

COUP @ Vivatech

Visitors will get a chance to ride a COUP at the Mobility Park, and get a sneak preview of what riding en eScooter in Paris feels like. Freedom, reactivity, efficiency, fluidity… here are the key feelings when riding a COUP. Visitors can also meet COUP team in the Hall Of Tech on Bosch’s booth (#E18).

On top of a great COUP experience for visitors, from meeting the team to riding their vehicles, COUP is also helping Vivatech team to move. 7 co-branded eScooters have been landed to Vivatech team to increase their performances and win time. This week, you may also run into a co-branded COUP in Paris, 100 of them have been dispatched in the city.