Open Innovation labs

VivaTech DNA is open innovation

VivaTech is built around over 20 open innovation Labs, each dedicated to collaboration between sector leaders and today’s brightest startups.

Big companies get access to top startup talent while startups get a chance to bring their ideas to market – a classic win-win!

Innovation powers big companies too

Our Lab Partners are leaders in sectors including telecoms, energy, automotive, mobile, and luxury, and they didn’t get to the top by chance!

They demonstrate their deep expertise in digital transformation with workshops, expert talks, demos, and even product launches at VivaTech.

Challenging the status quo

VivaTech Challenges are key problems facing businesses today. Startups apply to solve a Challenge, and the best ones get to work on the problem with a Lab Partner for 3 days during VivaTech. Innovative solutions emerge.
See how they collaborate together at VivaTech!

You’re a startup? Take your chance: it only takes 5 minutes to apply!