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Mobility Rebound

The year 2020 and to a large extent 2021 have seen a drastic reduction in mobility worldwide. Usage has since changed massively, but has by no means reduced the problem: 

Road transport accounts for about 12.5% of man-made greenhouse gasses, making it the largest sector in terms of emissions, according to WRI.

Yet tech has the means to make a contribution... 

By 2030, nearly 95% of new vehicles sold worldwide will be connected, up from about 50% today (McKinsey)

The global mobility-as-a-service market could grow from USD 3.3 billion in 2021 to USD 40.1 billion in 2030 (Marketsandmarkets)

Top speakers:

This year the sessions in this track will feature Markus Villig (Founder & CEO - Bolt) speaking about urban mobility in the cities of the future on Stage One. The conversation will continue on this theme throughout the other stages of VivaTech with other top speakers such as Andrea Wu (Chief Operating Officer - Urban-Air Port Ltd); Sampo Hietanen (Founder & CEO - MaaS Global Ltd); Lawrence Leuschner (co-founder & CEO - Tier); Luca De Meo (CEO - Renault); Ellen Dunham-Jones (Director of the Master in Urban Design - Georgia Institute of Technology); Rob Miller (CMO - Hyperloop TT); Margaret Burgraff (Vice President - Software Validation Lucis Motors); Joseph Mardall (Head of Engineering - Zipline), Oren Ezer (CEO - ElectReon); Christophe Fanichet (Chief Digital - SNCF Group), Catherine Guillouard (CEO- RATP Group) and Gürcan Karakas (CEO - TOGG), who together will be imagining what tomorrow's cities will look like and the implications for mobility. 


Many innovations in the mobility sector will be on the agenda, among them Japanese electric inflatable vehicles transportable in a backpack and operational in just a few seconds from Poimo, which will be seen for the first time outside Japan; Go Rolloe, from the UK, which seeks to clean up the air by developing a device that attaches to the wheels of a bicycle to filter air pollution simply by using the cyclist's movement and energy; Aegis Rider will present its augmented reality helmet that integrates GPS for motorbikes and augmented reality lane assist to make travel safer; and DAB Motors, the E-concept RS, a new premium electric motorbike model; TUC Technology, an Italian startup, will demonstrate how it makes the insides of vehicles completely modular; Norwegian start-up Jetson will present Jetson One, its EVTOL (electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft) in the Mobility Park by Togg, and Volocopter will exhibit VoloCity, its air taxi model, one of its 100%-electric urban air mobility solutions.

Audi is partnering with VivaTech to share its vision of innovation, technology and the future of mobility by unveiling the Audi skysphere concept for the first time in Europe. This fascinatingly designed, all-electric convertible offers technical possibilities, revolutionary innovations and demonstrates that the cars of the future will be vehicles for exciting experiences. Renault will present its concept car Scénic Vision, 95% recyclable including battery. With its combined electric and hydrogen engine, it embodies the most advanced technological perspectives in terms of decarbonization. Tesla will be present for the first time at VivaTech with its mid-size family SUV, the Model Y, in its Performance variant. This is the first Tesla vehicle to roll off the production line at the Gigafactory in Berlin, Europe's largest electric car factory in terms of volume.

La Poste Group will present Carreta, its autonomous electric vehicle to assist postal workers in the delivery of mail and food products in the city (between 40kg and 500kg); and Ottonomy, an American startup that tackles intelligent and eco-responsible delivery in the city with its latest autonomous robot, will be present for the first time in Europe, to accompany the players in the food sector in the transition to decarbonised service models. The Smart Tire Company will also present the exclusive world premiere of its Smart Lunar tire technology, originally developed by NASA for super-elastic airless tires that are durable and never deflate; Paris-based ExWayz uses 3D LiDAR technology and its cutting-edge algorithms for automobiles, drones or mobile robots. 

SNCF will put Tech and digital technology at the service of reality, for a society on the move, united and sustainable ; RATP Group will be presenting its actions for a peaceful, clean and inclusive city, a city that is free of carbon emissions, thanks in particular to innovative, connected and shared mobility solutions: with the testing of an autonomous 100% electric bus on line 393 (Sucy-Bonneuil RER/Thiais) of the Île-de-France Mobilités network. This bus will be exhibited for the first time at Viva Technology. This experiment goes beyond autonomous mobility, as it will allow us to test various driving aids that could improve safety or the performance of regular lines, such as the cancellation of blind spots. The Group intends to gradually integrate the autonomous bus into a conventional line and reinvent everyday mobility ; Mobilize, a Group Renault brand, which aims to help bring about the transition to a new mobility through a combination of advanced services and dedicated vehicles, will present its latest cybersecurity solution for mobility; Software Republique, an initiative launched in 2021 with Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault, STMicroelectronics and Thales along with innovative startups, will celebrate its first anniversary and present its first achievements based on sustainable, secure and intelligent mobility products and services acceleration. 

La Région Sud is bringing the Chargepoly electric vehicle station, which offers parking spaces and a very-small-footprint charging point for intelligently charged vehicles at full power from a shared and efficient high-speed power source.